. Catch Phrases From 80s Sitcoms We Still use Today | - Part 2

Feb 15 2012

Eight Catch Phrases From 80s Sitcoms I Still use Today

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Cut, It, Out

Yes, I actually used Full house twice in this article.  I’ll bet not that many people can say that.  Go Dave Coulier!

Did I Do That?

The famous Steven Urkel line from Family Matters still resonates in my brain today.   I use it in playful situations where I make a stupid bum error that I normally wouldn’t make.  And yes I’m counting the show even though it started in 1989.

Hey Hay Hey

No, not the one from Fat Albert.  I’m talking about Dwayne  on What’s Happening.   The Hey Hey Hey has a much different tone as each “Hey” has a life of its own.  And yes, What’s Happening ended in 1979 but I’m still counting it because of What’s Happening Now.


I don’t use Norm but I’ll use another name.  I think people do that all the time.   Cheers rocked and I’m glad at least something stuck from that show.


I know this is 1990 but I had to add it.  It was used by Joey on Blossom.  This might be perhaps one of the most famous catch phrases in the history of television.


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