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Feb 15 2012

Eight Catch Phrases From 80s Sitcoms I Still use Today

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Growing up in the 80s leaves a soft spot in my heart for all things pop culture.   I’ve certainly adopted the whole “it was better in my day” type of an attitude.  It’s just natural.   I still think pro wrestling was real, I dig synthesizers, and I certainly have no problem with wearing hot pink.

OK, none of those things matter to me now, but wouldn’t you like to live in a world where they rocked again?  I would.  Speaking of the 80s, if there’s one thing that has stuck with me throughout the years, it’s the use of funny catch phrases from shows.

In fact, here are eight from famous sitcoms that I still use now….


Originally used by the Fonz in Happy Days but adopted by Nick from Family Ties.  So yeah, I”m counting it.

You Got it Dude

I hate to admit that I actually say anything that was coined by the Olson Twins but I must say that I use the “you got it dude” quite often with my nieces who are only little kids.   It’s kind of fun to say.

Ay Oh, Oh Ay

Used by Tony Micelli on Whose the Boss.   I don’t even know why this line works but it just does.

Whatchou Talkin’ Bout Willis?

I’m pretty sure that anyone whose ever watched Different Strokes still uses this line today.

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