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Feb 14 2012

Is The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Still Really Popular?

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The buzz yesterday was the release of the cover of the 2012 SI Swimsuit Edition. Of course, everyone was all hyped up about Alex Morgan’s body paint photos. My guess is the SI Swimsuit fever will last a week or so more, and then it’ll be old news. The question I have is; is the SI Swimsuit Edition still really popular?

I remember when I was like 12 and I got my hands on one, I thought it was a preview of heaven. Today, 12-year old kids are having threesomes in school bathrooms, which would lead one to believe that seeing some busty chicks in a magazine isn’t really going to wind their clock. Furthermore, kids these days are a simple click away from seeing anything from double penetration to you get what I’m saying. I just don’t know where the SI Swimsuit Issue fits in our world anymore.

I’m assuming I’m like most – I’ll take a look at the pictures then that’ll be a wrap. It’s not like I’m buying the magazine. I would also venture to guess that not many people have a subscription to SI anymore so I don’t know, aside from the internet, how this is popular anymore. I’m not sh$tting on the Issue, don’t get me wrong, it has a special place in my sexual history (Tyra Banks polka dot bikini). Kate Upton is amazing, all the women in the magazine are amazing. I’m just not sure where it fits in the evolution of male perversions these days. Btw, if you look at the picture of the guy who blogged the Alex Morgan body paint article linked above, I think we found our answer

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