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Feb 14 2012

5 Jobs That are Great Younger But Get Shadier as You Get Older

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Most people in their later teens into their early twenties don’t exactly take their jobs seriously.   I mean you don’t really see too many young people take office jobs before college.

You take jobs that are fun.  Jobs where you can mess around with friends, good off, and certainly not make a career out of them.

But there are those folks that take these jobs a little too far.  Far to the point where even teenagers know that it’s time to hang it up.  I mean unless your an owner or are strapped for cash (which is totally understandable) then these five jobs get creepier as you get older….

Camp Counselor

I would actually amend this one to say Camp Counselor at a sleep away camp.  Like those kinds that take place in upstate New York or Pennsylvania.    Camps where kids learn about the birds and the bees.    Being a counselor at these places is awesome.  It’s lazy days.  You’re babysitting for the most part.  Doing fun activities for free and messing around with other counselors.  However, unless you want to be the head of one of these camps, I’d say after 25 years old you might want to find another line of work.

Delivery Guy

I used to love delivering pizza.   Listen to tunes in my car.  Get free food.   Get awesome tips because I used to deliver to really wealthy neighborhoods.   What’s not to like?  It’s a great job while you’re in high school or home for the summer from college.   But every time I see a delivery guy in his 40s I feel kind of bad and strange at the same time.


It’s one thing to be a career lifeguard in a beach setting that’s dangerous like Hawaii.  Those are real jobs.  But lounging at a pool all day just isn’t real.   Like working at a country club.  Come on.   Being a head lifeguard is one thing but again, once you hit those late 20′s or 30′s you might want to consider something else.


I think that unless you own the bar or are a hot chick you probably shouldn’t tend bar over the age of 40.   This one’s got more longevity than the others but I still think it looks a little weird to be a career bartender.

Teen Tour Guide

Shady doesn’t even begin to describe it if you’re in your 30s or 40s and doing teen tours.   I mean there should probably be a law against it no?

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