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Feb 13 2012

Ranking The Most Annoying “Normal” Weather Conditions

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Since the weather isn’t ideal for taking off the shirts and running into the pool right now, I figured it was a good time to complain.   You see I’m not talking about times where there are hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis or other crazy mother nature events that are potentially fatal to all of us.

I’m talking about the little things that can get to us every single day.   You’d be surprised at how annoying little weather patterns can get if you pay attention to them.   I for one would rather just stay inside but unfortunately we don’t always have that luxury.

Anyway, here are my rankings of 5 simple weather conditions that can piss you off….

5.  It’s Too Hot

OK when it’s really really hot, yeah we can have fires and stuff like that.   However, I’m just talking in general here.   Hot is usually the least of my worries as air conditioning or water can really take care of that.  Still though, that clammy, sweaty, wet feeling is pretty damned annoying.  Probably not as annoying as cold though.

4.  It’s Too Cold

Would you rather be cold, wet, and hungry or hot, dry, and full?   Being cold definitely sucks more than being hot.   That much I’ve come to the conclusion of.   I can only assume that’s why the majority of people out there would prefer the summers over the winters.

3.  Snow/Ice

For the most part, snow is fun unless it gets to the point where it’s really not cool anymore.   Notice I included ice.   You see ice is pretty dangerous but in and of itself can be warded off if you take precautions.  Snow can be a joy but also a terrible burden when there’s too much of it.   But put it this way, while walking outside I’d much rather it be snowing than raining.   It’s much easier on your wet factor.

2.  Raining

It obviously depends on the rain but in general rain is pretty annoying.   It makes for slower driving which I hate.   It makes you wet which is just aggravating in and of itself.   And raining doesn’t usually cancel anything.  At least with snow you can avoid school or even work at times.   Rain doesn’t prevent much.  It just pisses us off.

1.  Super Windy

My biggest pet peeve is wind.  Wind causes outages.  Wind screws up your hair.  Wind makes that scary sound at night.   Wind is the reason most things shut down.  It’s not the rain or snow or heat or cold.  It’s friggin wind.   Obviously if all the others are in extreme cases then yeah, they cause issues.  But super wind?   It’s brutal.

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