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Feb 10 2012

No Matter How Hot She Was, I Wouldn’t Date Her If…..

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The other day I read a great dating rule breaker article by our friends at Guyism.   The piece went on to talk about what specific things constitute deal breakers with women on a first date.  In other words, what little (or big) things could a woman do that would make you not want to date her.

They had about seven choices all of which I think were very solid.   Having read the article, I decided to come up with my own.  A couple we shared in common but I felt I had to add a few of my own from unfortunate personal experience.

Here are my seven deal breaker pics…

She had Ridiculously Bad Breath

This is one I shared with Guyism.   If no matter what you do as in give her gum or hell even garlic and her breath doesn’t change?  It means she has a breath problem and most likely will for the rest of her life.    Now,  if I’m with someone I love for a long time and they develop a breath issue that’s one thing.  But on a first date?  No thanks.  I’m afraid we’re done.

She was a Smoker

Sorry to all you hot girl smokers out there who would love the chance to date me but if you’re a smoker that’s out of the question for me.   Stinky clothes, stinky house, stinky breath, you name it, it’s stinky.    I just couldn’t do it.   God bless smoking couples out there.   But I can’t fathom being in a one person smoking, and one non smoker relationship.

If She Told you Who She Was Constantly

Now, these are the types of girls who stay stuff like “I’m in the type of person who” incessantly.    These are girls who insist on telling you who they are rather than showing.   If they’re doing all of this on a first date then to me it spells serious danger.  Most of these girls are crazy and 100% not together in their lives.  Chances are also that they’ve been in way too many failed relationships.

Mean to the Waiting Staff

Any girl who is a snot to a waiter (unless the waiter is mean first) gets the boot in my opinion.  That’s a clear cut signal that this girl is really high maintenance and will most likely treat you this way at some point.   No thanks.

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