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Feb 08 2012

Actors Who Are Beyond Typecasting

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Is it just us, or are there a couple actors that always seem to play the exact same character? We’ve all heard the jokes about Samuel L. Jackson doing it, (check under the “Trade Mark” section), but more recently, it’s almost like everyone in Hollywood has become less versatile.

We’re not asking Jim Carrey to go from funny-man to drama-dude – which he’s tried and failed at – but we’d like to see some different people snag some of these roles. I mean, how hard is it to act tough and yell at people a lot? If you’ve worked anywhere before, you’ve seen your boss prove it’s not too difficult almost everyday.

We may not have a say in the casting process, or be able to change the minds of the people who do, but we’re taking a stand against seeing these actors movies until they branch out of their comfort zone a little bit.

Seth Rogen

We sat down to see 50/50 last week, thinking we were jumping into a flick that described a young dude fighting cancer, while dealing with all the other stuff in his life. While watching it, we noticed Rogen’s character cracking jokes, trying desperately to get laid, and smoking a ton of pot. Sure, he’s not the one in the movie with cancer, but if he’s playing the same role as in Pineapple Express, we think there’s a problem.

Hugh Grant

It’s been awhile since he was actually in a movie – or even relevant – but he always seems to be the exact same guy in each movie. That usually involves him playing a power role (see Love Actually and Notting Hill), where his success gives him the ungodly power of scoring any chick he wants. If you’re looking for a witty Englishmen for a role, there’s no one better than Grant.

Vince Vaughn

We admit the dude’s funny as all hell, but after awhile he just gets old watching. It’s actually a little uncomfortable when you see him, we don’t know, acting? Prone to playing the “salesmen” type, where his wit and humor is reveled as being the “guy’s guy,” he always seems like he’s just being himself. Good or bad, we guess it works for him… but would it kill him to try and change it up a little?

Morgan Freeman

Off-screen, Freeman’s studious, clever, and insightful, so when a Casting Director comes calling, it’s only natural that he plays, studious, clever, and insightful. When you toss in the perfect narrator voice (save James Earl Jones), and you can see why we’re convinced he could make a feather floating in the wind interesting to watch.

Liam Neeson

Neeson’s a complete badass in anything he’s in – just watch Taken – so we can’t really be too upset when he plays the same part. What we’re really pissed at are the scripts he decides to read and subsequently accepts. I mean, how many times can this dude lose his family, go through hell and back to rescue them, and somehow end up both saving them and never end up dead?

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