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Feb 07 2012

Five Offbeat Sporting Events That Are Way Better To Watch Live

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There are countless sports out there but honestly there are only a handful that we tend to watch on television.  For me it’s basketball, baseball, football, tennis majors, and golf majors.  I mean sure on a boring Sunday I might watch one frame of bowling.   And of course during the Olympics I’ll be tuning in.

But in general I don’t pay much attention to other sports.  Maybe I’m brainwashed or maybe I just think most sports are somewhat boring to watch on TV.

In any event there are some sports that definitely wouldn’t make my television schedule but are certainly worth watching in person.   There are five I’d like to mention….

Monster Truck Rally

I’ve got two words for you:  Grave Digger.   Have you ever seen this guy?  It’s insane.  I’ve never seen a car do so many dangerous things and the driver surviving.  I went to one of these crazy events in college and the final “act” was a car that essentially smashed through a stack of 14 cars.  There was a fire explosion as he rammed through.   Dude came out unscathed.   If you like cars ramming into each other and flipping over you have to see this.  Oh yeah, the crowd is one hell of a spectacle as well.

A Rodeo

I would never, ever think to watch a Rodeo on television.   I mean of course I’ve seen the occasional bucked rider or two but I certainly haven’t made a day out of it.    But actually going to one of these things?  I mean it’s not to often you get to see all these types of animals running around like mad with little men on them.  Seriously, it’s quite an experience to see a human manhandled by an animal.

Extreme Sports

I do find myself occasionally peering at some of these nutty things on television.  I mean I can totally respect all the skateboarders and motocross people out there.   But in person?  Watching a guy jump like 100 ft while doing flips?  It’s pretty darned amazing.  Plus all the noise the bikes make?  It’s pretty cool.    This is another one where you get a pretty interesting crowd.

Pro Wrestling

I guess when you’re a kid you think it’s real.   When you find out it’s not you lose a bit of interest.   But then again I don’t live in middle America where everyone pretty much still thinks it’s real.  Just kidding.   They know it’s fake right?  Fake or not, watching these guys in the ring is pretty impressive.  If anything it’s one of the most entertaining events you can go see.   These guys are some of the most athletic people in the world.  Oh yeah and the fans are a little nuts.

Horse Racing

Watching a horse race on television is one of the most boring things you can possibly do.  Going to the track and having money on a horse? 100% different.  If it weren’t for all the scumbags at the track I would enjoy it a whole lot more.


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