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Feb 06 2012

Five Signs You’re Addicted to Your Smartphone

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A true addiction entails a growing tolerance to a substance (think drugs or alcohol) so you need more to get “high,” uncomfortable symptoms during withdrawal, and a “deleterious” impact on your life.

Computer technologies can be addictive because they’re “psychoactive”; they alter mood and often trigger enjoyable feelings. Email, in particular, gives us satisfaction due to what psychologists call “variable ratio reinforcement.”  That is, we never know when we’ll get a satisfying email, so we keep checking.

Does this sound familiar?  Sure it’s everywhere regarding our own personal computers but since phones are now on par with computer systems we’ve become addicted to these as well.    I’ve decided to share five tell tale signs that you’re addicted to your smartphone….

1.  You use it constantly while driving

It’s one of my biggest pet peeves on the planet.  I cannot stand when people use their phones while driving.  And now it’s so damned easy to tell.   I’ll be at a red light and at least 2 out of 4 cars will show the driver looking straight down.  Either that person is getting head or they’re on their phones.   Is it really that important that you can’t wait until you get to your destination?  Jesus don’t people know how high the rate of accidents are while texting?   If you can’t put off your phone for 10 min in your car you certainly have a problem.

2.  You have over 50 apps

Honestly who the hell needs more than 5 apps let alone 50?  And there are people that have way more than that.   I’m simply speaking from experience here.   I’ve had my phone nearly a year and I have around 4 apps I think.   One for email, one for sports, one for my battery, and one for books.   And then the built in apps.   When you get an app for basically everything?   That’s when you’ve become way too dependent on your phone.

3.  You refresh your email more than 20 times a day

You think that 20 times seems like a lot?  That’s being moderate.   Someone who checks email on a smartphone 20 times a day clearly has a computer right?  What the hell is the point?  Unless you have zero access to a computer all day then there’s no need to check your phone that often for that email you’ve been looking for.  It’s just not necessary.

4.  You have more than 20 ring tones

Having 20 ring tones is a sign that you’ve personalized your phone.  In essence you’ve made it a part of who you are which in turn is a little creepy.   A smartphone is a machine.  It’s not a person.   When you have a ring tone for every single action on your phone you care way too much.  Which leads us to….

5.    Too many accessories

It’s one thing to have a protective cover.  It’s another to have like 20 accessories for your phone.   Again, too much personalization and the phone is no longer a phone.   It’s an extension of yourself.   Granted this is what the phone companies want but it’s not how you should live.

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