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Feb 02 2012

Why Punxsutawney Phil Better See His Shadow

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There aren’t many people we know that give a damn about Groundhog Day, and with good reason! It’s not really a holiday. No one gets a day off. Does anyone remember if seeing the shadow is a good or bad thing? And let’s face it; we’re dependent on what a rodent is going to say.

Even though there isn’t a great way to celebrate this terrible tradition, we are hedging our hopes that Phil actually sees his shadow this year – which yes, means Spring is here (we had to look it up). We like the snow and cold when it’s needed, but that’s typically only between the weeks of Dec. 15 through Jan. 1, when we care about having a white Christmas and a somewhat festive New Year.

Regardless of what happens today, let’s just hope this brisk winter air disappears soon, because it’s actually starting to feel like a Bill Murray movie

Jean Shorts

As the warm air moves in, the jeans from the miserable winter get cut into shorts, and the longest legs in town run around showing ‘em off. From one guy to another, we know this isn’t a bad thing. When you add in those little spring dresses girls like to wear, and the anticipation to see those bods in bikinis in a few weeks… well, yeah, it’s tempting to just move to Hawaii where it’s 80 degrees year round.


There’s nothing that says Spring’s officially here like the smell of the freshly cut grass and nicely groomed dirt of a baseball field. If you’ve ever played the game, you know exactly what we’re talking about. If not, well, go to a game sometime. Once the sound of the ball hits that bat, we know that we’re in store for good days to come – since we all know baseball isn’t too successful playing in snow.

Spring Break

Sure, this may be a “college thing,” but just because you’re not shotgunning Natty anymore – which we’re actually still doing at 27 – doesn’t mean you can’t reward yourself by hitting Panama City Beach or Cancun. We all know a week away from the office will do you good, so call some buddies, grab the Maui Babe, and start creeping on some underage ass!

Getting Out of the Gym

It’s no secret the gym’s full of absolute d-bags who like to get off on lifting for about 15 minutes, mixing their protein shakes for 10 minutes, and talking to chicks for about 45. As the warm weather comes, the girls who have suffered running on treadmills and entertaining the meathead mack for the past five months tend to find their way outside. As long as you’re not the tool making the moves, you should have ample opportunities to see some sweet ass outside.


For our personal taste, there’s nothing better than outdoor day drinking when the warm weather comes. Hitting a Happy Hour with friends after work, sitting on a deck, going to a park, or just pregaming for the night’s festivities is always on cue. All the depression from being locked-up during the gray months is gone, and everyone’s ready to go HAM!

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