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Feb 02 2012

Five Attainable Dreams In Life Guys Rarely Follow Through On

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As children we men have many aspirations that seem realistic to us that in actuality are quite difficult to turn into reality.   Lots of kids dream of being professional athletes, rock stars, famous actors, and the list goes on.   But we all know the chances of these happening are pretty slim.

However, as you get into your 20s you start having other dreams.  Dreams that you think are pretty unrealistic but in actually can be attained by a little hard work and some discipline.

So here are five dreams men actually can achieve but usually don’t because they just don’t try enough….

Owning A Bar

Every guy at some point or another has dreamed of owning a bar.   The reality is that yes, it’s difficult to own a bar.  There are plenty of hurdles to overcome but usually guys don’t get past the “I want to own a bar” stage.  Why is that?  Read a couple of books.  Stick to a plan.  And open up your bar.   It might not be the bar you dreamed of owning but nevertheless you CAN open a bar.   Most guys are just way too lazy to do it.

Writing a Book

We all want to write a book.  We all want to have some best seller that shells out over a million copies and makes us set for life.  It’s that dream that makes guys never write a book.  Because that dream is such a one in a million shot that it prevents us from even starting a book.   Think about it this way.  If you write one page a day for a year, you’ve got your book.  It doesn’t have to be a best seller but it can be done.

Staying in Shape Until You’re Old

The average man gains a half a pound to a pound a year after the age of 40 until he’s dead.   How’s that for proof we just don’t stay in shape?  Every guy always talks about getting in shape as they’re eating ice cream or pizza.  I just find it funny.   Staying in shape isn’t that hard.  It’s just that most guys go to the extreme.  And doing that will only discourage you.   Exercise a half hour a day and don’t go nuts eating crappy food.

Quitting that Crappy Job

How many of us are stuck in those dead end jobs we want to quit?   The beauty about this country is that we can make money doing just about anything but few actually follow through with it.   If you set a real plan, and I’m talking real plan.  One where you bust your ass OUTSIDE of your current job for at least 1-3 years, you can get out of your dead end job.   But most people don’t do it.   I know it’s not that cut and dry.  Security and paying for a family plays a big part.  But if you really hate your job you can get out of it if you plan enough and work hard enough.

Retiring Early

This is really just a matter of being more financially responsible and setting a realistic plan.   Most guys don’t retire early because they’re idiots with their finances.  Don’t be.   Educate yourself.   And set a plan so that you’ll have enough money when all is said and done to enjoy yourself in your later years.


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