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Feb 01 2012

6 Types of People You’ll Always See at an Amusement Park

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Having just gotten back from a trip to Disney World I have to say that I probably won’t go back for a while.   Going to a place that like simply isn’t a vacation.  It’s more like a job.   How much can you see in one day?  How much can you possibly get in on the entire trip?

You don’t have a moment to relax.   Sure the rides are fun and stuff but man.  It’s just so much activity and no one should ever feel this tired coming back from there.

Also, the people.  Good God the people.   That’s one thing I really noticed.    And here are six types of people you gotta watch out for while at the amusement park…..

The Annoying PDA Couple

This is the couple that really makes you uncomfortable.  Everywhere they go they are holding hands and kissing.  And kissing to the point where you really want to vomit.  It’s especially interesting when there are millions of kids there and you see these people necking in public.   They kiss on line, eating lunch, anywhere.   Honestly why did you even bother coming to an amusement park in the first place?  Get a room you too.

The “Way Too into It” Family

When you’re looking at a father, mother, son, and daughter all wearing fanny packs?  Yeah, that’s when you see the family that’s a little too into it.  They have every single pass imaginable.  If you’re lucky they’re all wearing the same shirt.    They know every ride.  They know every employee.  They know everything there is to know about whatever place they’re at.   They’re incredibly annoying but could be good sources of info for you.

The Absolutely Horrible Families

These are your “trashy” families.   I don’t care if they’re black, white, brown, orange or blue.  Trashy is trashy.   These are the people who push their way in lines.  They’re loud.  They have zero regard for other people and frankly you’re just very uncomfortable around them.   It makes your entire experience worse.

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5 responses so far

  • Redstar58

    Foreigners? Its a tourist attraction, there’s suppose to be foreigners there!

  • Wowzuh

    Yep, everyday common folk like you, me, and Michael Douglas.

  • Edgarska

    I don’t care what people say, Fanny Packs Forever.

  • The-Mogul

    On your list:

    2) Foreigners.
    1) Normal people.

    Hmm… racist much?

    Also, do you understand the basic concept of ‘tourist attraction?’

  • MrSillybiscuits

    Key amusement park group missing here: Singing Brazilians.



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