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Jan 27 2012

Nothing’s Better Than a Woman in the Kitchen

Published by under Beautiful Ladies

I’m pretty sure we’ve done these kinds of posts a couple of times already.  But seriously, can you blame me for doing another one?  I think it’s fair to say that would be impossible.

I don’t know why but even if a woman is the worst cook in the entire world it’s still sexy to see her in the kitchen.  Of course when said woman looks like the one in the above picture it’s pretty helpful.

Nevertheless, it’s still true.  A woman in the kitchen is a turn on and the pics after the jump shall prove it…..

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Jan 27 2012

Five Realistic “Man Purchases” We Should Strive to Make

Published by under Editorial

This is an article I wrote back in December of 2010 and definitely still applies today.

When you think about it, there aren’t too many times in a man’s life that he has the opportunity to buy something he truly wants. Many times he will buy something he truly needs but it doesn’t really mean he’s happy about it.

What I mean is, as children we get gifts and love these gifts. For example I loved getting my Nintendo Entertainment System. But what are my Nintendo’s today? What do men usually purchase for themselves that are significant?

And I’m not going overboard here as in buying a summer home, a plane, or anything like that.   These are five realistic man purchases a guy should make in one’s life….

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Jan 27 2012

Friday’s Funbag: Lucy Colett Starts It, Quirky Workplace Stuff, and Genius Gadgets

Published by under Friday's Funbag

Click on the photo for more of Lucy Collett

Meet Lucy Collett, winner of the latest Page 3 Idol, soon to become a fixture on The Sun‘s British busty site Page3.com.  This curvy ginger also models under the name Lucy Vixen and has appeared as a DIY Girl on the FrontArmy.com site.  Bottom line here?  British girls continue to rule the world.

The Funbag

Nine quirky things every “workplace” is required to have – [Cracked]

Ten of the best genius gadgets for bad memory – [Listgazette]

When it’s time for a little geekery go here – [Majorgeeks]

A very beautiful galler of Clemson cheerleaders – [Unathletic]

When you need celebrity cleavage go here – [Taxidrivermovie] (NSFW Ads)

Is it time for Jwoww to get bigger implants? – [Celebslam]

A bunch of wacky and wild stories are here – [Attuworld]

Mini Anden is made in Sweden and her parts are great – [TC Mag]

Some of the weirdest school lunches you’ll see – [Cityrag]

Anything with Victoria Silvstedt is awesome to me – [Heyman Hustle]

Eight things you should never bring to the bar – [Guyism]

Some of the best homeless signs of the week – [Gunaxin]

An extremely lovely gallery of female athletes – [Funtasticus]

Video taken of a giant group of girls – [Linkiest]

Yearbook pictures of famous people – [Izismile]

Crazy pictures of an abandoned loony bin – [Nedhardy]

Seven videos of people getting slapped in slow motion – [Holytaco]

A massive gallery of celebrities wearing bikinis – [COED Magazine]

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Jan 26 2012

Athletes Who Make Better Models Lead the P.M. Portfolio

Published by under PM Porfolio

Click on the photo for 25 athletes who make better models

Sometimes you see a female athlete and recognize how hot she is.  It’s at those times you forget about her athletic prowess and frankly lose all care for it.  As a male you kind of just want to see her pose in lingerie and do really erotic stuff.   And who can blame us dudes for this?  It’s those tight uniforms man….

The Portfolio

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Jan 26 2012

15 Awesome Things Made From Bacon

Published by under Pictures

When it comes to bacon, there’s very few people who don’t act like a begging dog to get some. We love it on burgers. We toss bits on salads. We devour it when alone. It’s probably the single greatest side in the history of food.

We thought our love for bacon couldn’t be overmatched by anyone, but after looking at the art people do with the tasty treat, it’s obvious we really need to step up our game.

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Jan 26 2012

Yesica Toscanini Passes the Test

Published by under She's Uncoachable

When Argentina comes up in conversation, we embarrassingly think of Leo Messi and the soccer team – so thank goodness Yesica Toscanini is now the first think that pops into our heads.

This Sports Illustrated and A&F model is hotter than your average chick. I mean, look at that picture with those stockings! If we had those hanging from our chimney, it’d definitely be Christmas all year round!

See more pics of Yesica after the jump…

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Jan 26 2012

The Heaviest Corner Infield Of All-Time?

Published by under Oddly Enough

Miguel Cabrera told a Venezuelan newspaper that he’s moving to third base to accommodate the Detroit Tigers‘ newest slugger, first baseman Prince Fielder. MLB.com, citing an unnamed source, reported that the Tigers only agreed to sign the former Milwaukee Brewers first baseman after it talked to Cabrera first and received his approval.

So at first base we’re going to have Prince Fielder who clocks in at 275 lbs. At third base we have Miguel Cabrera who tips the scales at 240 lbs. That’s a joke. Miguel Cabrera is 240 in his bra. That brings us to a total of 515 lbs on the corners. Those are some big boys. The question is; what will those scales say in a couple years? Detroit just got big, real big!


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Jan 26 2012

Sequels Worth the Encore

Published by under Editorial

The Super Bowl is officially set, and along with two solid offenses, we’ve got two good teams that meet for the second time this season, while setting-up a rematch from Super Bowl 42. Now we’re not sure how the game’s going to pan out, but we do know that we’ll be both sick of the storylines leading up to the game, as well as all the pregame festivities that come along with it.

One thing we’re definitely not pissed about though is the rematch. We’re so accustomed to Brady vs. Manning as being against Peyton, but the youngest Manning (Eli), has proven to be a Brady hater himself.

Will part two be as good as the original? Only time will tell. Regardless, we thought we’d remind you of a couple sequels that were worth the time we spent watching them.

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Jan 26 2012

Hooters Girls Dressed as Schoolgirls

Published by under Beautiful Ladies,Hooters

No it’s not Halloween or anything like that but come on, it’s Hooters girls.   Now I have no idea what Hooters restaurants around the country do as far as “theme nights” go but I would imagine plenty of them have specialty days or whatever where the waitresses where get ups other than their normal Hooters gear.

And I can only assume that this restaurant had some sort of a “schoolgirl” day or something.  All I know is that the high socks, collared shirts, and low cut bras were pretty awesome.

Check out the pics after the jump…..

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Jan 26 2012

7 Surprisingly Fun Things You Can Actually Make a Living Doing

Published by under Editorial

Now that you’re in your 20s or 30s, hell even your 40s, 50s, and 60s it must be weird to reflect on what you’re actually doing for a living these days.   I’m sure 99% of you probably didn’t think you’d be in whatever line of work you’re in.   It’s strange what kind of curve balls life throws at you.

And if I had to take a guess I’m sure most of you wish that your jobs were more fun.   Speaking of which, there are plenty of “jobs” out there that you’d be surprised make people a living.

Here are seven that seem pretty awesome…..

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