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Jan 30 2012

Elisabetta Gregoraci Knows How to Shine

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We took Italian in college, and though we don’t remember much, we do know that “La vita e bella” means “Life is beautiful” in Italian. After staring at Elisabetta Gregoraci for the past 30 minutes, we can see why Italians believe it’s true.

This model and TV personality has pretty much made a living for being hot, and showing it off to as many people as possible… and we’re really happy she decided to do so.

See more Elisabetta after the jump…

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Jan 30 2012

Actress Sanaa Lathan Speaketh the Truth On Kobe Bryant Rumors

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A rumor that Sanaa Lathan was messing with Kobe Bryant while he and Vanessa were married, prompted the “Disappearing Acts” actress to respond to the media. She tweeted a short but direct message to her followers saying..

“Anybody who pays attention knows I’m not his type… Blank stare. #blackgirlsrock #dontbelievethelies.”

She added that the NBA star would never date her because she was black. Now she’s been apologizing to everyone and their mother for making that comment. Sweetheart, you have nothing to apologize for… Sometimes the truth hurts. If anyone deserves to be put in their place it’s Kobe Bryant. In defense of Kobe, he can date whoever he wants, and I am getting a sense of bitterness from Ms. Lathan on the fact Kobe has no love for black chicks. Kobe linking up with a white chick is about as sure of a thing as there ever was..

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Jan 30 2012

The Time Supper Club Might Be My New Spot

Published by under Beautiful Ladies

I should have known that the Time Supper Club was in Montreal.  No wonder they throw such kick ass parties with amazing girls.   I think most recently Brody Jenner had some party there.   The place is notorious for celebrity parties and who knows what else.

One thing I do know is that it seems these guys only let fine women in at the door.   If that’s not their policy then they must be the luckiest club in the entire world.

Check out some of the clientele after the jump….

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Jan 30 2012

Five Things That Don’t Smell Great That We Keep Smelling Anyway

Published by under Editorial


This is an article we did back in 2010 and it definitely still applies today.

It happens to all of us but we just don’t realize it. Your sense of smell happens to be one of,  if not the greatest senses we have.  Did you know that it induces memory more than any other sense? It’s really a powerful thing.  Even more than site or hearing.    It’s no wonder when you smell stale beer you think of college right?

Have you ever found yourself “resmelling” stuff? Like even if the smell isn’t that good? For whatever reason we tend to do this quite often and I for one have thought of five things that we always seem to smell again no matter what they smell like.

Check them out after the jump

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Jan 30 2012

Monday’s Madness: Hot Athletes Coasting, Baffling Internet Memes, and Tennis Dancing

Published by under Monday Madness

Click on the photo for 15 hot athletes coasting on old photoshoots

You’ve probably perused your share of “hot athlete” lists over the last decade. And if you have, surely you’ve noticed that the same photos have been appearing over and over again, without fail. It’s annoying and, more importantly, it’s deceptive.

The Madness

Internet memes that will baffle future historians – [Cracked]

Tennis players who dance before a match – [Unathletic]

Guy gets his ass kicked by a television – [TC Mag]

When you need celebrity cleavage – [Taxidrivermovie] (NSFW Ads)

A wonderful place for geeks to play – [Majorgeeks]

Watch this incredible 100 yard goal in soccer – [Brobible]

A nice childish article about the fun facts of farts – [Gunaxin]

Resumes that will inspire you to get that job – [Nedhardy]

Some of the latest goings on in Hollywood – [Bullz-Eye]

Cool cars that have faces – [Izismile]

A bunch of pretty cool predictions for this year -  [Linkiest]

A funny gallery of pug dogs wearing silly hats – [Cityrag]

Aubrey O’Day has a wild new look that we love – [Heyman Hustle]

Mars Hummer is definitely a reason to get up – [Don Chavez]

Five lies you have told your student loan officer – [Holytaco]

The sexiest moments in recent advertising history – [The Smoking Jacket]

Imagine you were living with a pet lion – [The Chive]

It’s been a while since we linked to these guys – [FHM]

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Jan 28 2012

Photo of the Week: Still a Virgin?

Published by under Pictures

It’s not so much the sign that’s funny as much as there is some girl who looks pretty skanky standing in front of it.  The timing couldn’t have been any better.

Then again she might be doing this on purpose which speaks even more volumes to the skank factor.   Anyway, it’s funny and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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Jan 27 2012

Maryna Linchuk Leads the P.M. Portfolio

Published by under PM Porfolio

Click on the photo for more of Maryna Linchuk

Maryna is just another in yet a very long line of amazingly hot Victoria’s secret models.  I have no clue what this outfit is all about but most importantly the main piece of dress on here is a slim fitting bikini.   I always have faith in Victoria’s Secret to do what’s in the best interest of the male audience.

The Portfolio

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Jan 27 2012

Kristen Clinkscales Has us Clicking for More

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So we found out that Kristen Clinkscales is still a 20-year-old college student who’s double-majoring in dance and business. But it seems like she already has her PhD in “Absolute Hotness.”

We’re not sure where girls like this were hiding during our college years, but it’s obvious they weren’t anywhere near us. With aspirations to be a Chargers cheerleader, we hope Kristen succeeds in her conquests in order to continue wearing skimpy, really sexy outfits.

Check out more pics of Kristen after the jump…

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Jan 27 2012

Pat Sajak and Vanna White Were Getting Bombed Up Before “Wheel of Fortune” Episodes

Published by under Oddly Enough

“Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak has said in a broadcast interview that he and fellow host Vanna White were drunk when they taped some early episodes of the show, but that he is too old for that now. Sajak explained that during the production of those “Wheel of Fortune” shows, he and co-host Vanna White would take two and a half-hour breaks while prizes were loaded onto the set in Burbank, California. So, they would go to a nearby restaurant and have “great margaritas,” he said. He went on to say,

“Vanna and I would go across and have two or three or six (margaritas), and then come and do the last shows and have trouble recognizing the alphabet”

Alright, Pat Sajak is cooler than we thought, but my attention is focused on Vanna White. If I had known she was getting bombed up, looking to lay some pipe every episode of “Wheel of Fortune” this could have seriously altered the history of my sexual development. Damn. I feel sick with lust for Vanna White right now. Sajak definitely smashed. Thank God it’s the weekend. I need a couple days off.

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Jan 27 2012

People We Hate Singing the National Anthem

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One thing that’s constant at every sporting event is the National Anthem.We’ve all been to games where it’s a kids church choir, a local artist, or even a national celebrity, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it all comes out right. We also know that regardless of how popular or successful the person singing is, it doesn’t mean they kill it. We love showing the support of our country, but can we please get someone who knows the words?

With Steven Tyler (horrendously) singing the anthem at last weekend’s AFC Championship Game, it got us thinking about the people we dread seeing step to the mic, waiting to belt their lungs out. If you see any of these performers at a ballgame near you, remember, you’ve been warned…

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