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Jan 31 2012

The Worst Day a Dude Can Have

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Have you ever just had one of those days? You know the ones – where nothing seems to be going right and all you want to do is just get home?

It’s impossible to escape a day like this, trust us. Whether you just lost your job or your girlfriend decided to use someone else as her slampiece, it’s just part of being a dude. But just because the world seems to crumpling around you doesn’t mean what’s happening to you is any different than anyone else.

For that reason, we wanted to give you the worst day a dude could possibly have, and to remind you that no matter what, there’s always pictures of Minka Kelly that can help put a smile on your face.

6:55am – As if being a Monday isn’t already bad enough, your alarm goes off for the first time since you forgot to reset it after the golf outing your buddies put on Saturday. Chances of you hitting the “Snooze” button for the next couple hours is extremely high.

9:55am – Damnit, you lost count of how many times you zonked out from the first time the alarm went off, and by the time you shower and hit the train, you’ll be at work about 11… never a good start. What’s worse is that you left your iPhone charger at your girlfriends, and are already under 10% battery. Cross out checking email on that.

11:10am – You roll in the back door into work surprisingly successful avoiding people, til your boss turns the corner and sees you grabbing a bagel from the break room. He proceeds to ask where you were on the client call, and says he wants to see you in his office after lunch.

1:30pm – Between the gossip around the cubicles about the layoffs that are bound to happen and the BBQ sauce on your shirt from the chicken sandwich you had at lunch, you don’t know what’s worse, the diarrhea that’s bound to come or the potential bomb your boss may drop on your ass?

2:17pm – You meet your boss, and after beating around the bush about how much you’ve meant to the company over the past two years – even though it’s been the past three-in-a-half – and how appreciative he is, they’re making changes and focusing solely on digital strategy, rather than events. You play it cool, but are pretty pissed off. Does he not know you have the most friends/followers on Facebook and Twitter? You pretty much wrote the book on digital strategy!

3:56pm – Trying to get ahead and browse some jobs, the damn office has a filter for any relevant agencies/sites.

4:02pm – You get a text from your lady. “sry babe, hafta cancel dinner plans tonight. hope ur day is great! :)” Yes, it adds insult to injury

4:07pm – After your response about the work news, she replies, “well i’m busy, but let’s talk on the phone anyway.” Confusing? Yes.

5:09pm – You jet from the office and are about two seconds to late for the train. Looks like you’re waiting another 20 minutes for the next one.

6:02pm – Surprisingly, you made it home without anything else bad happening between the office and now.

7:34pm – You’re in sweatpants and post up on the couch for Monday Night Football… only one problem – cable’s out, and the internet’s not working. Phenomenal.

9:57pm – After drinking alone for the past couple hours, and rubbing one out, your girlfriend makes a surprise visit to tell you her feelings have changed, and needs a break. Damn chick even knew you lost your job today – Screw that b*tch!

11:37pm – Finally! You can go to bed… if it weren’t for those damn dogs next door barking all night! Oh well, tomorrow’s another day!

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