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Jan 31 2012

Official 2012 Honda CR-V Game Day Commercial – “Matthew’s Day Off” Extended Version: What Would Other Celebrities Do?

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Honda brought back Ferris Bueller to celebrate the launch of the new 2012 Honda CR-V. It really got me thinking that no one takes a day off for a true life experience anymore. All we do is take days off to sit on the couch and relax or maybe even run some errands. It’s pathetic. What do you think other celebrities would do on a day off?

Tim Tebow – Go to church, and help out the less fortunate
Kim Kardashian – Sleep with a black athlete, get engaged, married, and divorced in one day
Lebron James – Try and figure out “What should I do?”
Prince FielderHit up a fast food joint with Miggy Cabrera, maybe throw in a beer or two
Sidney Crosby
Recover from a concussion years ago (poor form by me)
Alex Rodriguez
Go to Gold’s Gym and look for a date, preferably blonde, big biceps
Justin Biebs
Probably knock some groupie up, then try and cover it up so he doesn’t lose Selena
Rick Santorum
Go to Mass, persecute some homosexuals, get lunch, hate on homosexuals, repeat
Brooklyn Decker
Just stare in the mirror at herself, and wonder why she picked a declining tennis player for a husband.

What you would do? Make it good!

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