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Jan 31 2012

7 College Sports Team Names I’m Shocked Actually Exist

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Just the other day I read a great piece by Guyism that explored 14 dirty sports team names.   They covered all sports and I have to say this list was pretty damned funny.  I mean when a real name of a team is Butte Pirates you kind of have to pay attention.

But today I wanted to focus on only college names.   You’d be amazed at what some of these “institutions” get away with.   Seriously, I”m pretty shocked that this many years have gone by and these teams exist.

Or maybe I’m just being immature?  Nahhh.   Check out these 7 ridiculous names….

South Carolina Gamecocks

OK this one will be a shocker until the end of time.   Because you know every single game these guys play there are people in the stands laughing their asses off.   And it will NEVER end.   The best part is that I wouldn’t doubt at least 90% of the South Carolina fans out there love this fact and revel in it.

Wichita State Shockers

I mean only in the last decade or so has the term “shocker” received so much sexual press.  But in that decade wouldn’t Wichita State kind of recognize this and perhaps give the name a change?  Guess not.

Rhode Island School of Design Nads

I can’t even post their mascot.  Yeah, it’s a real “nad.”   I mean good for Rhode Island for sticking with this name and mascot for that matter.  I guess so, right??

University of Idaho Vandals

No the name isn’t alluding to sex or anything like that.  But you’re basically saying that your teams are criminals?  I find that a bit surprising.  I mean I guess their team steals the ball from the other team a lot?   Still, it’s pretty bad.

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  • DrewH

    Delta State Fighting Okra isn’t included in this? Really?



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