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Jan 30 2012

Five Things That Don’t Smell Great That We Keep Smelling Anyway

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This is an article we did back in 2010 and it definitely still applies today.

It happens to all of us but we just don’t realize it. Your sense of smell happens to be one of,  if not the greatest senses we have.  Did you know that it induces memory more than any other sense? It’s really a powerful thing.  Even more than site or hearing.    It’s no wonder when you smell stale beer you think of college right?

Have you ever found yourself “resmelling” stuff? Like even if the smell isn’t that good? For whatever reason we tend to do this quite often and I for one have thought of five things that we always seem to smell again no matter what they smell like.

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“What was that smell? Was it a skunk? I think it was a skunk. You sure that wasn’t a skunk?” This always seems to happen on a highway and it’s clear that the smell pretty much sucks but you always check it more than once just to make sure it’s a skunk you’re smelling.  It’s most commonly known as the smell of a Heineken bottle when you open it.

Horse Manure


I for one don’t mind the smell of horse manure and I’m willing to bet there’s a lot of people with me on this one. I’m not saying it’s a great smell and I want to decorate my house with this odor, I’m just saying it’s not horrible. And for whatever reason I find myself resmelling it when I’m around it.  Hey, sue me.

That Stuff on Your Lips


Ever have one of those crusty days and your lips are kind of dry? You can just feel that crap on the sides of your lips and you do that motion to get it off with your fingers?  How many times out of ten do you smell your fingers after that? And then you wind up smelling them again! For me? Easily ten out of ten.   And most of the time the smell really isn’t all that lovely.



Face it man, it’s inevitable. You will at some point find yourself in a situation where you’re deathly afraid that you’re the weird, rotten smell in the room.   So you find yourself bowing that head into the underarm for a peak of a smell. You’re praying to God it isn’t you that reeks.  And hell, sometimes when you do reek you end up smelling it again.  Admit it.



I LOVE the smell of gasoline. Love it.  So yeah, this one almost doesn’t apply but come on.   People always smell gas after going to the pump.




Hard to explain the smell of sex but those that have had it know it well. It’s this odd combination of body odor and other “sweaty” type stuff. It’s not really a good smell but it’s definitely a smell you want to keep smelling because it makes you nostalgic and remember the event better.

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