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Jan 27 2012

People We Hate Singing the National Anthem

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One thing that’s constant at every sporting event is the National Anthem.We’ve all been to games where it’s a kids church choir, a local artist, or even a national celebrity, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it all comes out right. We also know that regardless of how popular or successful the person singing is, it doesn’t mean they kill it. We love showing the support of our country, but can we please get someone who knows the words?

With Steven Tyler (horrendously) singing the anthem at last weekend’s AFC Championship Game, it got us thinking about the people we dread seeing step to the mic, waiting to belt their lungs out. If you see any of these performers at a ballgame near you, remember, you’ve been warned…

This Poor Girl

It’s always bad enough when someone forgets the lyrics, but when it’s enough to cause them to leave mid-song to try and grab a cheat sheet, well, that’s almost unheard of. Unfortunately for this Canadian chick, she made her return to a collection of boos and “what the hell’s…?” and fell flat on her back when she finally did make the triumphant return. Needless to say, the second little hick-up left her permanently deflated.

Michael Bolton

It’s almost too easy picking on Bolton. Between the jokes from Office Space and the way he used to look, it’s pretty difficult not crapping on the guy. But when he steps up to sing the song of our country, is it too much to ask for him to remember the words? We’re guessing it’s not his first rodeo, so it’s a little disheartening that he has to pause to see where he’s at in the song, not to mention the fact he even had a little cheat sheet cupped to his hand. He may have messed up, but his cameo with Lonely Island more than makes up for it.

A Police Officer

This guys face doesn’t even begin to explain the feeling he really had when hearing his fellow officer sing what appears to be the National Anthem. Just because someone claims to be a man of the law, doesn’t mean they know the words to the anthem. Sure, they may have a great voice if you’ve heard them in the shower – which this guy doesn’t even have going for him – but maybe next time they should just hire a professional.

The Aspiring Artist/American Idol Winner

For our taste, these are probably the absolute worst. We’ve already been duped into knowing who these people even are, but now have to suffer actually listening to them perform at a sporting event. There’s plenty of people who mess up words, repeat themselves, or just sound awful, but this type of performer usually stretches the song as far as it can go, making it sound more like an original hit than one that’s been around for about 200 years… and it leaves us embarrassingly cringe for them.

The Actor/Actress

I mean… can’t we catch a break? We loved their TV show or the way they saved the world in that movie, but the last thing we want to do is hear them sing – especially the Star Spangled Banner. Actors weren’t meant to sing, and if they were, they sure as hell should keep it to themselves.

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