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Jan 27 2012

Five Realistic “Man Purchases” We Should Strive to Make

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This is an article I wrote back in December of 2010 and definitely still applies today.

When you think about it, there aren’t too many times in a man’s life that he has the opportunity to buy something he truly wants. Many times he will buy something he truly needs but it doesn’t really mean he’s happy about it.

What I mean is, as children we get gifts and love these gifts. For example I loved getting my Nintendo Entertainment System. But what are my Nintendo’s today? What do men usually purchase for themselves that are significant?

And I’m not going overboard here as in buying a summer home, a plane, or anything like that.   These are five realistic man purchases a guy should make in one’s life….

The Dream Car

I haven’t quite reached that point yet in my life. I drive an Accord but someday I do hope to have a Ferrari like car. But you don’t have to necessarily spent 100s of thousands of dollars on a car. It could be something like fixing up an old Mustang or something of that nature. I think every man should have his “man car” at some point in his life.

High Priced Jewelry Item – Usually a Watch

I’m not a big jewelry wearer at all. In fact I only have two things: my wedding ring and a watch. If you’re gonna have a watch might has well have something kind of special. Again, you don’t have to spend tons on it but I do think it should have some sentimental value to you. It’s just a reminder that you’re a man and you can pay your own way.

An Instrument

I know this one is a bit limiting as not all of us play instruments but still. If you ever wanted that dream guitar or a sick piano, then buy it. You only live once and if you’re gonna get back into (or start) a cool musical playing hobby then might as well have it sound great. I just bought a piano and it’s a great feeling despite the cost.  Plus it makes for great furniture.

Home Entertainment System

This is right along the lines of “man cave.” Every man should have some kind of room to himself. Or at least a part of the house, apartment that he can call his own. 9 times out of 10 an entertainment center is a key component to this man cave.

Clothing – I.e. nice suit with cuff links, etc etc

You don’t have to have tons of great suits but I do think you should have at least one. One suit that shows people who’s boss. One suit that even the richest of the rich will know kicks ass. Toss in some classy cuff links and a few times out of the year you can parade around looking like a badass.

*I would add a house but unfortunately not everyone can afford one.  However, clearly that’s a goal.

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