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Jan 26 2012

7 Surprisingly Fun Things You Can Actually Make a Living Doing

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Now that you’re in your 20s or 30s, hell even your 40s, 50s, and 60s it must be weird to reflect on what you’re actually doing for a living these days.   I’m sure 99% of you probably didn’t think you’d be in whatever line of work you’re in.   It’s strange what kind of curve balls life throws at you.

And if I had to take a guess I’m sure most of you wish that your jobs were more fun.   Speaking of which, there are plenty of “jobs” out there that you’d be surprised make people a living.

Here are seven that seem pretty awesome…..

Fantasy Sports Player

Yes, it’s true.  You can actually make a living doing fantasy sports.   Nowadays there are tons of options to do it.   It used to be you enter some league with like 10,000 other players and barely had a shot.   But today there are tons of websites that operate just like poker sites do.  You can enter a team on a daily basis and play against one guy, 20 guys, 100 guys and usually enter money amounts up to $500 and can win in excess of 10K per week.  If you have the fantasy skills, give it a shot.

Playing Video Games

There are those that test video games and design them.  I wouldn’t consider that to be the most fun job in the world.   Frankly that can be a ton of work and get boring.  However, there are “gamers” out there who make a living being the best at playing their respective game.  Through tournaments and sponsorships these guys can make over 100K a year just playing video games.

Toy Tester

Remember the movie Big?  Well, that job is an actual job.  There are people whose job it is to play with toys.   It’s not all that glamorous though.   It’s usually to see if toys have defects and stuff like that.  Check out this article on becoming a toy tester.

Beer Pong Player

I never thought I’d live to see the day where a person could actually make a living playing beer pong.   Granted you have to be one of the best players out there but if you have the skills, there are tournaments every single week taking place these days.  And at least once a month there are tournaments that pay over 50K to the winners.  

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