. There’s a “State of the Union” Drinking Game? |

Jan 25 2012

There’s a “State of the Union” Drinking Game?

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So, to assist you on your adventures with recreational binge drinking, we have prepared for you the official Huffington Post State of the Union drinking game. In preparing this, we’ve done our best to account for the sorts of things that are likely to happen, as far as what the president will say, what goals he’ll announce, what accomplishments he’ll cite, and what part of the pageantry the camera is likely to capture. We’ve watched a lot of these addresses, so we have a good idea about what is probably going to happen. We also have a good idea as to what will probably not happen. But, as always, these addresses can often feature unexpected moments that get talked about for days after the address.

You have to hit the link to read the rules [State of the Union Drinking Rules]. Look, I don’t want to be a d-bag but this game sucks. It’s way to complicated. Not to mention, I can’t see a group of college kids sitting around the TV watching the State of the Union going, “He said work to help revitalize the US manufacturing sector!” It’s a helluva an effort, and probably took a good deal of research, but stick to the basics.

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