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Jan 25 2012

My Ten Favorite WWF Wrestlers From the 80s

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I’m nearly 33 years old now and I probably couldn’t tell you one wrestler that was out there.   I think John Cena is still around right?  The point is, I just don’t care anymore and I think it’s a function of my place in life more than anything else.    Because I’ll fully admit the guys today are better athletes than the dudes in my youth.

However if it doesn’t make me completely nostalgic to think about the WWE or then the WWF back in the 80s. As a kid it just felt so real.

Anyway, upon reflection, here are my 10 favorite wrestlers from back then….

Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka

How could you not love this guy?  One of the highest flying wrestlers in the history of the “sport.”   He wore those funny clothes, got made fun of by Roddy Piper, yet still was such a crowd favorite.  I believe he’s still wrestling now.  I’m not even kidding.

Randy “Macho Man” Savage

RIP to the Macho Man.  From his amazing voice to his colorful outfits, it was pretty tough not to like Savage, even when he was a bad guy.   He participated in some of the most epic battles in WWF history including the one against Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat at Wrestlemania III which I still consider to be the best match ever.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Come on.  A snake and the most devastating closing move in wrestling history?  You can’t mess with the DDT.   No one can.   Plus it was just funny how skeezy this guy was.  I mean talk about oiled up, greaseball.   He was awesome.   Guy reminded me of some sort of roadie for Alice Cooper.

Hulk Hogan

I’m talking way before the whole “I’m a Real American” song garbage.  Remember when he used to come out to “Obsession?”   We’re talking Hulk Hogan after he beat Iron Shiek up to when he body slammed Andre The Giant.   I pretty much disliked him in the “All American” bullshit phase as well has all his annoying NWA, AWA whatever other crap exploits.   But from like ’82-’88 he was the dude.

The Dynamite Kid

He was the other guy in The British Bulldogs.  Remember?  Guy had tremendous traps and he was able to do a suplex faster than anyone in wrestling.   People liked Davey Boy Smith but I always felt he was a bit of a girl.   Dynamite Kid was the man.

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