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Jan 23 2012

Top Reasons to Have a Smartphone

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It’s not some breaking news, but having a smartphone is pretty dope. Like most people, we admit we didn’t want to conform and scoop one, but one pitch by our older sister to get an a iPhone, and we folded faster than a dieting fat guy being offered cake.

If you’re like us and were busy using your flip phone because, “it got the job done,” well it’s time to upgrade dude. Besides some people just liking to say they have one, they’re easy as hell to use – even for our 58-year-old parents. But there’s more to them than just having a new phone. Here are some of our favorites.

1. They’re Really Not that Expensive Anymore

Yeah sure, it’d be great to have the newest iPhone with all the flashiest stuff out there – not to mention that Siri chick that can help you do pretty much anything. But if you’re so gong-ho about getting that little Apple on back of it, then get yourself the iPhone 3 or one of the older models. It may not have all the best features, but it’s about $100, and you can score a plan for about $25 a month. That’s a pretty sick deal.

2. Wifi Anywhere

Want to know the best time to have a smart phone? How about right now? We’re at a coffee shop, where for whatever reason they decided to shutdown the damn internet connection, so we get all the info we need by using our trusty little handheld. Talk about being current.

3. They Sync With Just About Everything

If you’re looking to get super high-tech, you can use any internet connection to stream stuff from your phone to a TV, computer, or sound system. It’s complete nerd stuff, but everyone has to admit that’s pretty cool.

4. The Apps

When we’re bored sitting at an airport or waiting for our food at a restaurant, the easiest thing to do is bust out that little guy and play some “Words with Friends.” It may not look like we’re much fun, but we’re having a lot of fun, so back off!

Besides wasting time trying to beat “Angry Birds,” you can access health info and check the weather… if you’re really into that kind’ve stuff.

5. Scheduling at your Fingertips

When we tossed that flippy, we got rid of all the folders we had to go through in order to get what we wanted. With everything being displayed on a conveniently giant screen, we’re able to touch, drag, flip and retrieve anything. It sounds like a dirty rap song, but once you have it, you couldn’t imagine going back.

6. It’s a Damn Computer

With all the stuff we’ve said about these things, it’s easy to forget that it’s honestly just a mini computer in your hand. Besides using Word or Excel (which you can still view through email), you have the ability to make all your info mobile, while just carrying it in your pocket. Browse the internet, listen to hits, write a novel if you want! It’s all there… oh yeah, and it makes and receives calls too.

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