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Jan 20 2012

Why it’s the Best Football Weekend of the Year (Besides… Kickoff Weekend)

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It’s Conference Championship time for the NFL this weekend, and though we’re left without the defending champs after getting bounced at home last weekend, we can live with the Niners/Giants and Ravens/Pats matchups – though we’ll miss Aaron Rodgers’ pregame photobombs.

The Super Bowl’s a gigantic event that brings media from all over the world to get hours upon hours of film, yet only one network actually carries the game.

The anticipation to see who plays for all the marbles should be enough for you to excited about, but besides that, here’s why you should be excited (and enjoy) the fact that this is the best weekend of the NFL season.

The Super Bowl Drama

It’s not a secret – the Super Bowl’s big business. It generates billions in revenue based on ads, sponsors, et al, but is so dragged out, you almost forget it’s just a damn football game. Starting Monday, be prepped for all Super Bowl, all the time. Between the two weeks of coverage that leads up to the game, we’re almost sick of hearing about all the storylines that reporters gives us everyday… And don’t get us started on Media Day. If we want to know the X factor, we’ll just watch the game and see it real-time ourselves, thanks.

It’s the Last True Weekend of Football

Okay, so technically the Super Bowl holds this honor, but when we think about watching football, it’s all about waking-up at noon, making a frozen pizza and wearing our sweats on the couch all day. It’s definitely not planning a damn event at 6, for people who’d rather see the commercials than pay attention to the game.

If You Need Tickets, You Can Actually Still Afford Them

Want some decent tickets to this week’s game in San Fran? It’ll cost about $450 for two. Want to score seats for the Super Bowl in two weeks? The cheapest ones are going for $2,215. You tell us how big a fan you are to pay for flights, hotel, food and take in the game for that much? Look, we love football, but we’d much rather spend our cash in Europe than in cold Indianapolis in February.

You Can Find a Seat at the Bar

Unless you’re in a city where one of the four teams left are playing, you’ll be able to pop in about 15 minutes before gametime, find a table in front of a primo TV, and enjoy some brew and wings without elbowing the person standing next to you. After this weekend, if you don’t host your own Super Bowl party (or attend a friend’s), you’ll stand no chance if you get to a bar anywhere prior to two hours before kickoff. Bummer.

You Can Still Bet to Break Even

We’re not advocating gambling, but if you’re going to do it, this is the weekend. Interested in throwing $100 on the Pats to win, only to see they’re trailing by three TD’s midway through the third? It sucks, but hopefully you parlayed that with a Niners win in the later game to save face. If you lose twice – well, we feel your pain.

At Super Bowl time, it’s all or nothing – no in-between. You don’t know a thing about either team, and actually hate who’s playing, but your buddy insists you each choose a side. F that! If we lose a Chris Columbus on anything, we’d rather have it on something we care about – like a stripper or something with some talent.

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