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Jan 20 2012

Four Reasons Why Valentine’s Day is a Total Joke

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Just as I always bitch about New Year’s being a waste of time, I find Valentine’s day to be even more of a pain.  I mean at least with the New Year you can set resolutions for yourself.  You can reflect on stuff.    And yeah, I suppose on Valentine’s day you can reflect on your own relationship but what if you’re not in one?

I mean if anything I think that Valentine’s day does more harm than good and that’s why my wife and I don’t celebrate it.  And we don’t plan on it anytime soon.

But here are five reasons what Valentine’s day is a total joke…..

You Need a Day to Tell Someone you Love Them?

I never liked Valentine’s Day because it forces people to think about what day it is.   It’s like on a Birthday you can’t just say Happy Birthday.  You have to give a present.   On New Year’s you’re supposed to go out and do something special.  It’s like these unwritten rules that piss me off.  Now I have a day where I have to tell my lady I love her just because it’s that day?  Shouldn’t I say this to her and feel this way all year around?   I’m not a fan of the fact that there’s a designated day for couples that promotes actions they should be doing all year.

Yet Another Excuse for Expensive Bullshit

So yeah, now I gotta buy presents and go to dinner, and flowers, and all that crap?  Really?  Screw that.  In fact if I did it on ANY other day the wife would probably be more happy.  On Valentine’s day it’s all expected and that bothers the hell out of me.  Plus restaurants and stores can overcharge (and they do) all they want and screw us guys out of money.

If Anything, It Makes Single People More Sad

Seriously.   We need an actual day to remind the single population that they don’t have a significant other in their lives?  Who gave us the right to do that?  I remember being sad as all hell when I was single on Valentine’s day.   It’s really not a good feeling.

Unnecessarily Creates Feuds Between Couples

Ever try to get a gift for someone and they end up being pissed at you because you got them the wrong gift?  I mean isn’t the act of getting a gift nice enough?   Well on Valentine’s day what if you don’t get flowers?  What if you just say I love you?  Isn’t that enough?  Try telling that to your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband.   I’m sure it would go over really well.



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