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Jan 19 2012

Five Rules that Would Make Your Weekends 100% Better

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One of the main issues we face today is time constraints.   We’re so bogged down during the week that we barely have time to even enjoy our weekends.   I mean I remember when I used to cherish my weekends because I had the opportunity to do nothing.   More to the point, the option to do nothing.

Nowadays it seems that our weekends are more busy than our regular weeks.  And frankly that sucks because the body really does need some time to unwind.

However, I think there are some ways that will make your weekends not only better and more relaxing, but more productive as well…..

No Shopping Whatsoever

People always do their shopping on weekends.  Do you realize how much that sucks?  That means that stores are twice as crowded and you will be twice as stressed.  If you’re going to be stressed out, do it during the week.   Plus, stores are empty then anyway.  Think about how easy your grocery shopping would be at 8PM on a Wednesday.   You probably save at least 10-20 min anyway because the commute and the crowds are twice as easy.  Take out your shopping and you’ve added at least 3-5 hrs of your weekend.

Wake Up Before 10 AM

People always talk about sleeping in on weekends.  It’s nice to not have to wake up.   That’s great.  But fact is the human body is much better off when it stick to its regular sleeping schedule.  The reason you’re so tired on weekends is usually because you sleep TOO much.  That or you’re hungover.   I personally like to wake up early so I have more in the day to do whatever, or NOT do whatever.  It’s a nice option.

Do Some Work, but Not a Lot

I find weekends to be most stress free time to do work because I don’t HAVE to do it.  Therefore I’m more relaxed and it lightens up the pressure I have during the week.  Seriously, wake up early and put in like an hour or two and see what kind of difference that makes.

Exercise One Day of the Two

I’m a huge supporter of regular exercise to help the human body.  Do it on a weekend and you’ll truly feel like you’ve accomplished something.   It doesn’t have to be a full on crazy workout.   Even just walking for 30 minutes probably helps.

Designate some Alone Time

Lots of times we’re busy with family and friends that weekends can actually be pretty stressful even though we’re not working.  It’s important to relax by yourself.  Even if it’s just for an hour or two.   Give it a try.


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