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Jan 18 2012

Five Comedy Shows That Could and Should Come Back Successfully

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Ever since Beavis and Butthead made its way back into our hearts I’ve been thinking about other shows that miss and hope will come back to television.  And for the record I’m not talking about sitcoms or talk shows.  I’m talking about shows that specifically called for comedy in the form of either crazy acts, skits, or just people being stupid.    So when you narrow it down, there aren’t too many shows that I think could successfully comeback.

And when I chose this list I was thinking of shows that would still have mass appeal even today.   Believe me, it’s not that easy.   Anyway, the list is after the jump….

Chappelle’s Show

I think I speak for the masses when I say we need this show back.  I mean I guess I can understand David Chappelle having a mental breakdown and needing some time off but damned if this wasn’t the funniest sketch comedy show on television.  Yeah I said it.   Some of the stuff they did on there was legendary.   It was like a modern In Living Color.  Speaking of which….

In Living Color

Weren’t there rumors going around that this show was coming back?  I hope they are true.   This was one of those shows that stretched the bar politically and culturally in every single way.  No race wasn’t made fun of and no “type” of person wasn’t ragged on.   They hit on all sides and did it in a way that was hilarious.  I’d be totally open to that show coming back.

The Tom Green Show

This might have been the most underrated show on TV.  The show didn’t have a long run and we all know that Tom Green could certainly be over the top but that doesn’t account for how funny his show was.  When he used to interview people on the beach and put microphones in their faces I always laughed my ass off.  Plus the stuff he would pull with his parents.


I know these guys are only movies now.   They focus on selling DVDs and concentrate on the website.  Still though, it would be nice to see some form of the show make a comeback.    It was groundbreaking and I think it could easily be successful again.

The Man Show

I know that Kimmel and Carolla are doing their own things these days but it would be nice if they came back for just one more funny season of the Man Show.   The one with Joe Rogan was abysmal.   But I know that if Kimmel and Carolla decided to give it a go for one more season they would make it legendary.


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