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Jan 17 2012

Five Types of Friend Requests on Facebook And What They Mean

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It’s amazing that we’ve grown so far into the computer age (now it’s really the smartphone age) that we try and deduce our friends and families emotions by seeing what’s on a screen.

I mean depending on what people write we try to analyze what a person is really feeling having had no interaction with them at all.   Frankly it’s ludicrous but considering how much these gadgets are a part of our lives, it’s where we are at.

Speaking of which, you can tell a lot about a person by how they interact with and use Facebook. Here are five types of friend requests and what they really mean…..

Requesting a Random Person You Didn’t Know Well

Whenever you make this kind of request it’s kind of a loser move.  It usually means you’ve been surfing around, seeing who your friends are friends with.  It means you want to size this person up.  See what kind of pictures they have.  What kind of life they have.  Is your life better? Are you better than they are?  I mean do you really intend to get in touch with people you barely even knew?  No.  It’s either to get more info on the original friend or make some kind of comparison.

Requesting a Person of the Opposite Sex You’re Not Really Friends With

Why oh why would you ever do this?  I can only think of one reason.   Well it’s two but they’re related.   It’s a deep seeded desire to have sex with that person.  Seriously, why else would you be doing this?  What guy befriends a girl on Facebook just to friend her?   Unless you’re one of those people who needs to have 6000 friends then I don’t have any other reason.  It’s to 100% eventually get in this persons pants.

Requesting a Person of the Opposite Sex you Used to be Friends With

This one is two fold.  If it’s a girl requesting a guy then it’s most likely to harmlessly reconnect.   That or they’re completely horny.  If it’s a guy requesting a girl then it’s 100% to reconnect and hope that you can have sex with them.  That or you want to see if they got fat and then you can feel better about having the romantic desire to be with this person.

Requesting a Work Colleague Type

In my eyes these are people you are not friends with but who you are “colleagues” with.   Or people you do business with, etc etc.   These are more “networking” friends.   When you request their friendship it’s to basically have more of a grip on these people.  Find out more about their personal lives through pictures and it’s also  a way to keep tabs on them.  Like if they never respond to your emails yet make 50 status updates a day something is up.   These are people you basically spy on.

Requesting a Family Member

Nine times out of ten these are the most legitimate and honest friend requests on Facebook.

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