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Jan 16 2012

Five Ways To Avoid Getting Annoyed on a Long Line

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If there’s one thing I really can’t tolerate it’s waiting in a long line.  In fact I have some friends who simply won’t wait in a long line.   As in literally won’t do it.  I have tremendous respect for this.  It’s tough to actually say you’ll institute this policy in your life and actually do it.  If you pull it off, more power to you.

However, as a married man, from time to time you are kind of forced into these line situations against your own will.   So whenever I find myself on a really long line I do the best I can to not get pissed off.

Here are five ways how….

Get Yourself an iPhone

I tell ya.   I do enjoy having an iPhone.    The only reason I got it is because my plan costs the exact same amount it had cost before and now I have all the fun benefits.  I check my email, sports, weather, whatever.  I can play games.  Do all that fun stuff.   You can keep yourself occupied for tons of time with one of these bad boys.   Listening to music isn’t great on line because then you can’t hear anything.  An iPhone serves perfectly in these situations.

Play Mental Games with Yourself

Count how many fat people are on line.   Count how many times someone spits on the floor.  Do whatever the hell you can do to pass the time.   You have to have at least 20 mental games on hand that you know you can occupy yourself with.

Count to 1000

It’s boring but it’s true.   Actually tell yourself that you’re going to count to 1000 and start doing it.   Before you know it the line will be moving way faster than you think.  The agony of getting to 1000 is way worse than the actual waiting time on line.

Constantly Leave the Line and Ask the Person Next to you To Save Your Spot

This one is more just fun than anything else.   Because in this situation you are passing off all the annoying pressure from yourself onto the person ahead of you.   You have to make them sweat it out.  Of course they can be dicks and not care but it’s fun to see how many times you can actually do this.

Go Back at Another Time

Yeah, and here’s your real answer.  Just don’t do it.   Have the guts to not do it.  Never, never shop on a weekend and you should be right as rain.



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