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Jan 13 2012

Five Large Places You’ll Find The Worst Human Element

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Just the other day I found myself in a public place that I don’t normally go to.  It was a food court in a mall.   Appearance wise, most people looked pretty “normal.”   However, it made me think about some of the public places I’ve been and some of the craziest and “crappiest” looking people I’ve come across.

I then realized there were some places where I always saw this “crappy” element.   Actually though, it’s not necessarily crappy as much as it is the reality of what our society looks like.

Here are five places you can be sure to find the real “human” element of society….

An Airport

Here the people are more scattered but I can guarantee you that simply waiting for your plane will enable you to see the variety of people out there.  What’s more fun is when you land in other airports and see all the people there.   Take Dallas Airport vs. LAX or something along those lines.   It gives you a great flavor.  Put it this way, I always know when I’m coming home by the people I see waiting for the plane.


Hands down the best place to see the worst people.   I don’t know how they manage to do it on a daily basis.  Without fail, every single time I’ve been to the DMV it’s been absolutely brutal.  The funny thing is that these are the people that I’m sharing the highway with.  That makes me feel really safe.

A Zoo

Don’t ask me why.  It’s just true.  Zoos attract all kinds of folks.  I always find it funny when I see goth people are biker types in a zoo.   I mean I guess everyone likes animals but it still seems out of whack.

An Amusement Park

I’m specifically referring to Disney World here.   What amazes me is that it’s 90 bucks a person just to get into one of these parks and yet they’re packed every single day with some of the weirdest people you can imagine.   I mean, we’re bitching about the economy all the time and then dropping hundreds if not thousands in three days time?

A Carnival Cruise

Hands down the most obese setting I’ve ever been on in my life.   It’s not a cruise.  It’s just one giant buffet for people.   More than half the people on this boat didn’t even leave the boat.   They just stayed on there, ate, and gambled.

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