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Jan 12 2012

Seven Necessities For Watching the Superbowl

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I know that we’re still about a month away from the coveted Superbowl but that doesn’t mean we can’t start mentally preparing for it.    Hell I’m excited for it.  Aren’t you guys?  Only thing that sucks is that by the time we reach the game we’ll probably have had about 6 blizzards and I’ll be so tired of shoveling that the game will be in my rear view thinking process.

Still though, nothing wrong with getting together our little wish lists for those throwing Superbowl parties.

Here are seven things you should be looking for this year….


Honestly the idea of working hungover the Monday after Superbowl Sunday isn’t my biggest cup of tea.  When you think about it, Superbowl Sunday is almost like a night out if you go to a party.   The game ends pretty late and you wind up eating a ton of food and drinking.   Fact is though, you really can’t have a Superbowl party without beer.   It’s probably against the law.

Chips and Dip

And while you’re drinking beer if you don’t have any bowls of chips or dips in front of you that’s like being naked at a public party.   It just doesn’t mix.   I don’t care if it’s a tiny bowl of chips and a tiny bowl of salsa.  You gotta have something there.  Personally I like the dipping size Tostitos and the gooey cheese sauce.   Though you should really get a whole bunch of stuff.

A Big Screen or at least HD Television

The quality of televisions has risen quite substantially in the last decade so it shouldn’t cost a ton of money to get an HD television.  If you’re not watching the Superbowl on an HD television then seriously go to another person’s house.

A Giant Sandwich of Some Kind

Personally I think the 6 foot long hero that’s split up American and Italian is an absolute must at a Superbowl.  However if you have a special sandwich you know you love,  that’s the day to get it.   You know like some kind of crazy hoagie that Heathcliff Huxtable would have been eating.   I guess Pizza is fine but I think the sandwiches are the way to go.

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