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Jan 10 2012

Just the Tip Tuesday: Sarah Sue Jorgensen, Movies and the Workplace, and Japanese Skill

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Click on the photo for more pictures of Sarah Sue Jorgensen

Sarah is a 23 year old psychology graduate from ASU who also moonlights as a Tempe12 model. She was featured on last year’s calendar as Miss May and used to work at Wild Knight, easily the craziest party bar in the craziest party town. Yup, I’d date her for a while.

The Tips

Things that movies always get wrong about the workplace – [Cracked]

Five of the best Japanese players in MLB – [Unathletic]

When it’s time for a geeky break go here – [Majorgeeks]

The hottest ice girl pictures of all time – [Bleacherreport]

When you need some celebrity cleavage – [Taxidrivermovie] (NSFW Ads)

A bunch of hotties always makes you feel better – [Funtasticus]

Cool view from the new World Trade Center – [Nedhardy]

Nothing’s better than when your woman is gift wrapped – [Gunaxin]

The best student section tradition we’ve seen to date – [Brobible]

Check out Howie Mandel’s house – [Flisted]

A new collection of fashion pictures of Miranda Kerr – [Heyman Hustle]

Check out the latest girl next door – [Bullz-Eye]

I can’t pronounce her name but I know she’s hot – [Don Chavez]

Five of the worst parents on television – [The Smoking Jacket]

People who will be alone the rest of their lives – [The Chive]

The caps lock spell check conspiracy – [Holytaco]

Proof that planking can be dangerous – [Izismile]

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