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Jan 10 2012

Five Positive Outcomes if PEDs were Allowed in Sports

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Let me start off by saying from a medical standpoint, yet I think the use of PEDs are horrible.  I think that people stuffing themselves with these kinds of pills, hormones, acids, or whatever the hell crap there is, flat out makes very little sense.

On the other hand we’re talking about multi million dollar contracts and a ton of pressure to perform at the professional level.   I can understand the mentality of wanting to be the best or trying to set yourself up financially.   It’s the whole ‘breaking the rules’ part that tends to get the whole sports world.

But what if the door was wide open?  What if one day everyone just said, “do what you want, we don’t care!”   What if this were all legal?  It would sure as hell level out the playing field from those that hide it and those that are honest.

And then there are the other obvious benefits, five of which I’d like to address….

Stats would be Considerably Elevated

People love stats.  From the reporters to the fantasy players.  Statistics are what make the news.  And imagine some guy bashing 100 home runs or running the mile in like 3 minutes?   Imagine a running back going for 3000 yards?   Think about how crazy the statistics might be if everyone had free reign to shoot up whenever they wanted.

Let’s Face It, more Entertaining

I’m not even talking about how amazing it would be to watch players break records and run faster (which it would).  But can you imagine how much ‘roid rage there would be out there?   God the fights alone would be worth the price of admission.   Can you blame me for thinking this?  It’s 100% true.

The Highest Level

Hey I know that a player performing at his highest level with the enhancement of drugs but technically it is putting the human body at its capacity is it not?  And frankly that’s why we all watch sports.  It’s to see athletes doing things that we never could and never will be able to do.  It’s watching competition at the highest level.

More Money

You think the owners would balk at this?  I’m guessing that over 50% of the owners of pro sports teams are more concerned about the money than they are their players’ well being.   And if all of a sudden their teams were raking in crowds because of the performance levels of the athletes then the owners wouldn’t care.   And let’s face it, I’m more apt to go to a game if every game I go to should promise to be exciting and at a high level.

Fantasy Sports Would be So Much Fun

Can you imagine one player in your football line up getting like 80 points on a given Sunday?   Hahaha.  That’d be awesome.


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