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Jan 10 2012

BCS Games That Didn’t Deserve the Hype

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Well, that National Championship was miserable. Two games between Bama and LSU this year, and it took until just under five minutes left in the game to finally score a touchdown between them? Give us a break! That goes without saying it was the first shutout in a BCS Title Game. Thanks for wasting three hours of our lives!

Look, we know the SEC is the best conference in the country – when you win the last six titles, there’s absolutely no argument. But can a brother get some offense… PLEASE!?!?!

We love close games that come down to a last second field goal, but what we saw tonight, was absolutely boring as all hell. It basically didn’t live up the hype.

Unfortunately, it’s not the only one – and won’t be the last. So add tonight’s game to this group of other absolute stinkers.

2007 National Championship – Florida vs. Ohio State

This completely hurts since we were raised in Ohio, but the truth is, Florida just dominated the Bucks in every aspect of the game… save special teams thanks to the opening kickoff return TD. Ohio State did come in undefeated after carrying the No. 1 ranking all season long, but truth be told, the Gators “chomped” Ohio State, earning their first National Title since the Ol’ Ball Coach was there in ’96.

2012 Orange Bowl – Clemson vs. West Virginia

I mean, wow! Which touchdown is this picture even from? West Virginia had ten of them, putting the pedal to the metal, and never stopping acceleration. It wasn’t like this was the sexiest matchup to begin with, but when there’s a BCS game on, we’d be damned if we don’t watch it. The Mountaineers set a record for most points in a bowl game (70), while we were left listening to Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico trying to spew interesting facts with the game over by halftime.

2008 Sugar Bowl – Georgia vs. Hawaii

Congratulations Hawaii, you were a non-BCS team to qualify for a BCS Bowl. Your reward? Being mauled by an SEC powerhouse on National TV, with your Heisman Trophy nominated Quarterback throwing no touches and three picks. The score ended up 41-10, but the fact it was 24-3 at half, pretty much shows that UGA held the reigns back just to keep it that respectable.

2001 Fiesta Bowl – Notre Dame vs. Oregon

We admit in relishing in the “glory” of Notre Dame being pummeled at any opportunity, so remembering their 41-9 shellacking at the hands of Oregon State put a smile on our face. The No. 11 Irish got chosen over No. 5 Va. Tech (shocking – that never happens), so what they got was well deserved. They muscled-up 155 yards of total offense, while scoring a garbage touchdown in the 4th Quarter. Looks like everyone’s still waiting for them to “Return to Glory.”

2005 Fiesta Bowl – Pittsburgh vs. Utah

If you remember correctly, this game was actually hyped-up a lot, since Utah was the first non-BCS team to earn a bid to a big boy bowl. But the game lacked the drama – and the expected Pitt blowout – as Utah held a 14-0 halftime lead, and finished the Panthers off with a 35-7 knockout. It proved to be a big win for Utah QB Alex Smith – making him the No. 1 pick in the ’05 NFL Draft, and the Utes head man Urban Meyer – making him a household name. The lasting memory of the Panthers from the ’04 season? Tyler Palko’s TV interview after the Notre Dame game.

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