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Jan 04 2012

The Coolest Channels on TV

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Us guys love TV. Whether it’s watching sports, girls, or dude’s crazier than us biting it, we just never seem to get enough. Since it’s winter – and we have a lot of time to stay warm with a brew on the couch, we’re always looking for the next big channel to catch our favorite show on.

ESPN’s great, but how much Chris Berman can you really handle? Even with YouTube and viral videos being sent nonstop, there’s still nothing better than posting-up and “relaxing” all night. For those who share are passion in TV, here are the best channels a guy can watch.

Fuel TV

We grew up in the Jackass culture, so we admit we’re somewhat partial for real-life shows, that have people doing stuff that we clearly would never try. If you share the same feeling, than Fuel’s got you covered. Between the extreme crap they feature on Danny and the Dingo, to the Jackass-like Thrillbillies, it’s something that can pretty much be on no matter what. Oh yeah, they also cover the Hooters pageant. Shwing!

NFL Network

So what if it’s all NFL all the time. Convince us that you’re interested in any other sport more than pro football – and a better sports channel – and we’ll give you props. Between the Draft coverage they’ve got (and more importantly, don’t have), the commentators they have, and the fact they show the Thursday Night Game when no one else does, pretty much locks it up for them.


Why the hell did we put a music channel on our list? If you’ve ever gone to a concert, then you already know the answer. Are we ever going to catch Jay-Z in the Garden? Probably not. What’s the next best thing? Wasting a couple hours tuning-in from your couch.


We’re pretty sure FX could just play reruns of It’s Always Sunny as their only programming, and we’d still never change the channel – oh wait, TBS already does that with Seinfeld. But the fact they used to have Nip/Tuck – just so we could stare at girls like AnnaLynne McCord, is just another reason it makes our list. If that’s not convincing enough, how about the fact they get us MLB Playoff games when there’s nothing else on during a Wednesday night in October?


We’re kind’ve pissed at ourselves for putting a major network on here – we were really hoping for a Travel Channel or Nat Geo to step up; but the shows NBC has are just too good not to include them. We admit we’ve joined the masses and have to stay current with The Office, and are a little upset when we don’t understand the inside jokes people tweet about or say if we missed the new Parks and Recs episode. Plus, they did have one of the coolest opening songs to any sports event back in the day!

Comedy Central

Simply put, there isn’t a better channel for a guy to get everything they want. You’ve got nut shots from Tosh.0, political satire on The Daily Show, and between the movies they show and South Park, can feed all your other interests. The only thing wrong with Comedy Central? Wait, we honestly can’t think of one.

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