. More Occupy Movements that We Need | - Part 2

Jan 04 2012

Six Other “Occupy” Movements That Would be Appropriate

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Occupy Pharma

Prescription  medicine is one of the biggest mark ups in the history of the world.  We’re talking up to 5,000%.  Yes, you read that right.   And it’s not just the markups that plague us.  It’s the fact that there are tons of companies that can cure many diseases but make way more money by allowing you to live with a disease by treating it medicinally rather than curing it altogether.   If you think that’s not happening then think again.   I’m convinced there are cures for cancer but it’s way better financially for these companies to make us just live longer with the disease.

Occupy Tobacco

That there is a product with a big fat label on it that says it can kill you is mind boggling to me.  That any country would allow that is mind boggling to me.  That so many people still smoke despite these warnings makes me want to move to another planet.   Tobacco companies should be killed and yet you almost can’t blame them for exploiting our stupidity.  What will it take for people to quit?  20 dollars a pack?  Seriously.  30?  This one I almost blame more on us than them.

Occupy Healthcare

How in the world is it legal for premiums to go up every single year but a considerable amount?  Seriously.  How in the hell is this possible?  And honestly I’m not even into some of the main issues that our country debates about every single day.   I’m just referring to my own bills which are obscenely high.   Shouldn’t health be a priority in our country and not a luxury?

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  • Soundy

    Okay, these are all pretty good, except… Starbucks? Come on. The “$4 cup of coffee” whinge is SO played out. Even the article gets the point: “We’re talking nearly 1500 dollars a year your spending for your daily latte.”

    Let’s be clear: LATTE =/= CUP OF COFFEE. Latte = steamed milk and espresso, and you’ll pay pretty much the same price for the same sized latter ANYWHERE.

    Likewise, a cup of REGULAR DRIP COFFEE at Starbucks runs $1.50-$2.00, pretty much the same as you’ll pay for the same sized cup of coffee ANYWHERE.

    Yeah, I like my morning Bucks. And my morning Timmy’s. And sometimes even a morning McCafe. No special love for Bucks, but this whole “$4 cup of coffee” bitch is really tired and really stupid.



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