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Jan 04 2012

Six Other “Occupy” Movements That Would be Appropriate

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I wish I could say that Occupy Wall Street did much.   I mean it’s nice that a bunch of people gathered around cities and planted themselves in protest of the financial markets.   We all know the system is flawed.  The rich get richer and they will continue to get richer.    Unfortunately there’s really not much we can do about it.

And it doesn’t appear that the “Occupy” movements really did much.  Personally I think it was because of a lack of central leadership.   I mean all it was, was a bunch of people complaining.  Complaining for the right reasons but yo have to do more than that.  You gotta get petitions and whatever the hell else together to make it “Legal.”  To make yourself truly heard and not forgotten about.

But when you think about it, it’s not just Wall Street that screws us over people.   There are plenty other organizations out there that steal from us even more so than Wall Street does.

Here are five worthy of an “Occupy” movement….

Occupy Cable Companies

How long have you been paying more for your cable than you would like?  Probably since the day you got cable.   Prices go up?  Do you bitch?  Yup.  Do you do something about it? 90% of the time, no.   You sit there and take it.  And how about those appointment windows?   You have to sit in your house for 8 hrs for this crap?  And how about crappy service that there’s no explanation for?  Face it, we get screwed by cable companies all the time but we do nothing about it because we are dependent on them.

Occupy Starbucks

Yeah that’s right, I said it.   Charging 4 bucks for a cup of coffee is robbery if I ever heard of it.   Thankfully I don’t drink coffee but come on.  Let’s say you get a cup of coffee every day.   We’re talking nearly 1500 dollars a year your spending for your daily latte.  That’s highway robbery.  Granted Starbucks is a great business but the American public is moronic for paying this much for their daily caffeine fix.

Occupy Movie Theater Concessions

You think that Wall Street is screwing you?  How about paying $7.50 for a bag of popcorn that costs the movie theater around 50 cents?  It’s popcorn.  Seriously, popcorn.    You pay 3-4 bucks for a bottle of soda in the super market right?   Yeah well you end up paying over 5 bucks just for a small bottle in the theater.     If you do the math, that’s screwing you way more than Wall Street does.

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  • Soundy

    Okay, these are all pretty good, except… Starbucks? Come on. The “$4 cup of coffee” whinge is SO played out. Even the article gets the point: “We’re talking nearly 1500 dollars a year your spending for your daily latte.”

    Let’s be clear: LATTE =/= CUP OF COFFEE. Latte = steamed milk and espresso, and you’ll pay pretty much the same price for the same sized latter ANYWHERE.

    Likewise, a cup of REGULAR DRIP COFFEE at Starbucks runs $1.50-$2.00, pretty much the same as you’ll pay for the same sized cup of coffee ANYWHERE.

    Yeah, I like my morning Bucks. And my morning Timmy’s. And sometimes even a morning McCafe. No special love for Bucks, but this whole “$4 cup of coffee” bitch is really tired and really stupid.



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