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Jan 04 2012

Did Anyone See the Gary Busey ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’?

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Reality TV had another proud moment last night when disgraced pastor Ted Haggard and unstable one-time Oscar nominee Gary Busey traded spouses for ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’. The two appeared on Fox’s ‘Good Day L.A.’ to promote the show, and conducted one of the most awkward interviews that ever took place. You can hit the link to watch the interview. I’m looking for anyone who watched this show.

First and foremost, it’s ridiculous that these two rejects have somewhat attractive wives. Secondly, could you possibly pick two more ridiculous creatures on the planet to have swap wives. I would never in my life watch this sh$t, but someone had to have… Give me the low down. Was it as ridiculous as it could have possibly been? Fuggin’ Haggard, guy was a pastor doing drugs, paying dudes for sex- just amazing. Give me the lowdown on this circus.

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