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Jan 03 2012

Ranking Sports By How Exciting They Are To Watch on Television

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This is a sensitive subject but one that I think deserves some analysis.   When you really get down to it, how exciting are sports to watch?  And please remember, this article is going to focus on watching sports on TV, not live.   Live is a completely different experience.

For example, let’s take hockey.   Even hockey fans have to admit that watching on television can be a bit boring whereas if you’re at the game it’s an amazing thrill.  The same can be said for other sports as well.   Baseball immediately comes to mind.

But when it comes to television, it’s tough for me or many sports fans to be able to pay attention throughout the whole game.   So I decided to rank sports into 3 tiers in terms of which ones are most exciting to watch on TV….

Tier 3 – The Most Boring to Watch

Golf,  Baseball, Bowling, Curling, Car Racing, Fishing, Swimming, Darts

Look, I’m not going to list every single sport in the world here but you can get the drift by this list.  Besides I’m not sure how many other boring sports I can think of that are shown on TV other than these.   Now, baseball fans, admit it.  You cannot possibly sit through 9 innings on TV and watch the whole thing with the exception of the playoffs.   Golf?  Can you really watch 18 holes if it’s not a major?  Didn’t think so.  While I respect every one of these sports to the fullest degree, there’s just no way I can watch them for more than a few minutes at a time.   Golf and baseball get upgraded to Tier 1 during major and playoffs time.

Tier 2 – The Middle of the Pack

Boxing, Track and Field, Olympics Events, Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, Lacrosse

Personally I consider hockey and soccer pretty boring to watch and I know that fans might want these in tier 1 but lets face it, on television they can get a little stale.   But I gave them a tier 2 because honestly there’s a lot of activity in these sports.   There’s lots of movement and amazing things can and do happen.   Tennis and Lacrosse are similar in that way.   The Olympics are kind of boring but once in a while you catch yourself watching a cool event.   Bottom line is that the tier 2′s are the sports that you can watch for a decent amount of time but you’ll always end up switching the channel at least a couple times.

Tier 1 – Kick Ass

Football, Basketball, Extreme Sports, MMA

Notice I really didn’t put too many sports on here.   And rightfully so.  How many sports can you really watch from start to end and be captivated the whole time?  Football definitely qualifies even in the regular season.  Basketball, definitely.   Both of these sports seem to have great plays at least once every 5 minutes so you kind of have to tune in.   Extreme sports, while not as popular are ridiculously entertaining.  Have you see those dudes who do flips on motorcycles?  It’s crazy.   And MMA is way up there.  The only time it’s boring is when the two dudes are on the ground and it looks like they’re about to hump.  Other than that it’s pretty action packed.

*Please note that I would upgrade Golf and Baseball to a Tier 1 during playoff and championship times.



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2 responses so far

  • Frank

    i would put football in tier 2. There’s simply too many damn time outs and commercial breaks. It drives me crazy

  • Puck

    Basketball, especially the NBA, should be in Tier II. The scoring’s repetitive as hell, they play no defense, and most of them are just grandstanding showboats. 75% of people don’t care about college games, at least until March Madness, and then they just want underdogs to win so they can win their brackets pool. 90% of people only care about the NBA to see the dunks and buzzer-beaters. Never mind that all you need to do is watch the last 5 minutes of a game, especially if it’s close. And that 5 minutes in effing interminable, with constant time-outs, and obvious intentional fouls just to cause minute-long free throw tries.

    Good call on the others, especially the big 3. Hockey & baseball are awesome, but I can’t watch them only TV unless it’s the playoffs. And football is great, no matter what, even though it’s appointment watching due to the small amount of games.



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