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Jan 03 2012

How to Use Twitter and Facebook to Get Anything You Want

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The day the world was introduced to Facebook and Twitter, the mack game officially changed. How you ask? Easy – you know that real dorky kid from school, or shy dude from the office? Yeah, they’re probably getting just as much tale (if not more) than you are stud.

We know it’s not necessarily the greatest way thing to admit, but if you follow these 5 simple rules, you too can be trending amongst the coeds of your choice!

5. When you’re getting your blackout on, you’re naturally having the time of your life. So make sure to tweet as many pics of you looking like you’re doing just that – or basically anything with you not looking lame. Being the life of the party definitely isn’t a bad thing when looking for a shack buddy, so show your friends and followers why you’re so damn cool. Just remember not to fall in love with the booze and end up ruining all your hard work.

4. If you’re anything like us – and we’re guessing you are, you’re probably always looking for that one girl who takes you up on your status updates. On days that you’re particularly on the prowl, tweet the hell out of hot coeds and friends you want to have partake in your shenanigans. Make the tweet perverted, clever, and amusing – which is exactly what you’re hoping the sex to be when she finally does decide to respond.

3. Have you seen this before? Yes, sex should always be on your mind, and we can’t stress it enough! We don’t care if it’s seeing someone else doing it on the street, or trying to convince someone to come over, if everyone knows what you want to do, then they may actually get back at you with the answer you’re hoping for. If you ever think that it’s over the top, it’s not, you can always make it better… or worse, depending on how people take it.

2. If you really want to expedite the process, take a quick shot of yourself looking good… but only if you’re a girl. If any dude received a pic like Diora Baird tweets on the reg, we know exactly where we’d be heading – not that we’d ever be fortunate enough to get a pic from her. Remember though, this should absolutely only apply to chicks, since no one really wants to see dicktures - just ask Brett Favre how that turns out.

1. Success! So what if it’s the morning after, if you rehash the night from everything you wrote to get here, than you want people to know you didn’t strike out. Those ridiculous tweets and updated status’ on the ‘book paid off. Celebrate yourself by snapping that quick pic of the rando you just scored, and tweet it out to let everyone know your mission was accomplished.

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