. Most Annoying Reality TV Show Stars Of All Time | - Part 3

Dec 30 2011

The 10 Most Annoying Reality TV Show Stars Of All Time

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Beth from Real World 2

Anyone remember this one?  It was the best Real World by far.   It featured Dominic and Aaron?   Ring any bells?  And that funny little comedian David got kicked off because of Tami (who married Kenny Anderson).   Anyway, Beth was the annoying one on this show.  She felt like the bitchy cock block girl you always hate and she instigated bullshit.   Truth is, she’s a pioneer in this role on reality TV.  Way to go Beth.


Dude, you’re name is Shifty.   And how many times do you really need to appear on Celebrity Rehab?  Well, I guess three is the charm?  I don’t know, the dude has some decent credits to his name for his musical career but come on bud, get your shit together.

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie

At least Paris is somewhat bangable so I can kind of tolerate her but even so, watching the two of them on television together felt way worse than puking after a hangover.  Not one interesting thing to say and God I hate rich bitches that think they’re hotter than they are.   It’s so frustrating to watch.

Khloe Kardashian

At least the other two are attractive.  Enough said.

Victoria Gotti

I had to add a mob wife show character.

*Ah yes, also, anyone from the Housewives of Anywhere series




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  • Jenn

    “Dude, you’re name is Shifty”

    This made me cringe.



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