. Is White Castle On The Right Track With Considering Selling Booze? |

Dec 27 2011

Is White Castle On The Right Track With Considering Selling Booze?

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White Castle, a 90-year-old hamburger chain known for its square “slider” burgers, is sipping on the idea of offering alcoholic beverages as it tests beer and wine sales at a restaurant in Indiana. The food famously craved by stoners in the 2004 movie “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” can be had with a glass of wine or a domestic or seasonal beer at a Lafayette, Ind., restaurant that fuses a conventional White Castle with a new concept for the company called Blaze Modern BBQ. Wine costs $4.50 and beers start at $3.

I thought this was a great idea until I read this article. Is White Castle retarded? They’re selling wine with those little sh$tty burgers? Well, let me rephrase that; their burgers are awesome, but they aren’t something I want to eat with a fine seasonal beer. When I saw the headline I thought Natty Light, Vladimir Vodka… Imagine how awesome Harold & Kumar would have been if at the end they were toasting two wine glasses filled with Merlot. Come on White Castle, you have to be more self-aware. Stick to the basics.


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