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Dec 26 2011

The Seven Websites I “Used” the Most in 2011

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There’s a big difference between a website you go to just to check stuff out and a website that you actually “use.”  And by use I mean work with in some capacity.   It could mean uploading certain photos.  It might mean managing your finances.   The point is that the website is more than just a simple entertainment portal.  It’s a part of your life.

I use a ton of websites.   I would estimate that I probably use over 25 websites on a daily basis.   But if I had to rank them, here are the seven websites I used most in 2011…..


I’m a dude so I’m guilty of using this site more often than I should but I gotta say it’s pretty darned good.  In case you don’t know it’s a reverse image finder and probably the best one out there.  If you see a picture of anything and are not sure of the name of a person or place you see, trying uploading it to Tineye or you can enter the URL of the image and instantly Tineye will find out if it’s been on the web and on what sites and usually that gives you some answers.  I use it to find the names of hot chicks I come across.


It’s still my go to for search.  I’ve used Bing and it’s pretty good but call me a brand loyalist.  I still use Google at least 50 times a day.   It’s fast, simple, and I like it.   Oh and I also use Gmail for my email accounts.


Most people, well hundreds of millions of people use Facebook for personal reasons.  They want to connect with friends, share their stories, pics, etc etc.   And that’s a great use for the site (which I do too).   However, Facebook has so many other tools at its whim that it’s just way better than a social network.  I have Facebook Pages for all my sites.   You can use it to advertise to targeted audiences.  There’s a zillion apps.   If you really tried you could probably use Facebook for just about all your internet needs.


It was the first site I opened an email account on and what can I say?  I still like it.   Personally I use Yahoo! for a lot of financial related stuff.  I keep portfolios on there, track stocks, etc etc.   I also tend to enjoy the front page from time to time to check out interesting headlines.   I also use Flickr, their photo site.


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