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Dec 26 2011

Denny’s Is Most Popular Restaurant on Christmas Day?

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Denny’s — which bills itself as “America’s diner” — isn’t just open on Christmas Day, it’s up to its rafters in customers. It turns out that Dec. 25 is one of the busiest days of the year at its 1,600-plus restaurants. In some locations, customers have to stand in line for a table, and the waits can be long. Employees are running at top speed.

Denny’s eh? No kidding. I guess I can feel that. I can’t say that I’m a Denny’s frequenter but they have some good sh$t there. This is by far the worst from the Denny’s VP on their employees…

“The feeling that they get to serve people on Christmas Day is special to them, believe it or not. A lot of our staff members consider their customers to be family, and they tell us there’s something special about working that day.”

HAHA! Yeah right dude. Your employees are cursing you out like a mofo for being known as the “restaurant that is ALWAYS open” I’m in for a Grand Slam Breakfast next year on Christmas Day. Who’s with me? (crickets)



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