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Dec 23 2011

5 Things Website Owners Check Way too Much Everyday

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If there’s one thing that’s really important about being your own boss it’s gotta be time management.   What you do in the course of a day is crucial to how successful you are.  When you run a business online it’s very very easy to get distracted and stray from the things you need to be doing.

As a site owner there are some things that can distract you in ways that don’t feel like they’re wasting time but as you add up each occurrence it can cost you hundreds of hours during the year.

Here are five things that website owners usually do more than they ought to…..


I’m pretty sure that most people check email every single day, let alone a website owner.  When you have a site and are promoting it you tend to check your email an awful lot.   Fact is, nothing you say or do is going to make mail appear or disappear.   I’m guilty of the refresh 50 times a day when in reality I could be checking 3 times a day and it would be just as beneficial.

Blog or Site Stats

Most beginner website owners are guilty of this more so than established site owners.   You’ll have a new site and you’ll continuously check your stat counter for visitors.   You wind up checking your stats at least 50 times a day.  And once you get real traffic?  It gets even worse because you want to see how much traffic you get per hour, etc etc.   Twice a day, once in the morning and once at night is usually more than enough.


Most advertising networks or agencies or affiliate programs you work with have dashboards that update by the hour.   People tend to check these stats way too often.   While I’m guilty of this, in reality you should be checking these once a day, not once an hour.

Group Pages i.e. Facebook, Forums, Comments

People that create Facebook Pages for their sites or forums, or have sites with comments enabled tend to go a little overboard checking on the status of these pages.  Do we have new members?  Is there a new comment?   Again, you don’t have to check them 24/7.  A few times a day is enough.

Refresh, Refresh, Refresh

When I first started out I can’t tell you how many times I refreshed my websites.   I mean I get it if you’re working on a site and making design changes.   But man, the time spent analyzing a site after it’s pretty set in stone doesn’t get you anywhere.



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