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Dec 22 2011

Five Ways to Be More Productive on The Job

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Just last month Yahoo did a piece on the habits of successful people and I figured I would share my own insight on how one could be productive in the workplace.

Whether you work for yourself or have a boss, it’s all about the same thing:  getting it done.   But getting it done faster is certainly the way to go and I think you’ll find these five tips might help you be more productive….

Take More Short Breaks

No I’m not saying that you need to hit up the bathroom for an hour to take a nap.  But I am saying that if you’re sitting at your computer for way to long you have a great chance of your mind turning into mush than if you get up, take a few steps and regather yourself.   Think of a computer that has too many programs open for too long.   When you exit out of them and restart, the programs move faster and the computer functions better.   The human body is the same way.   Get up, walk around, start over.

Make Sure you Eat Right and Consistently

The whole “you are what you eat” is damned right.  Ever find your self dragging ass after lunch?  Check back and see what you ate.   If it’s really heavy, pasta intensive or just overall “crap” chances are you’re gonna feel like crap.   The last thing you want to do is sabotage your own day just because you ate the wrong thing.    It doesn’t mean you have to be Mr. or Mrs. Healthy but it does mean you might want to rethink ordering that quarter pounder with cheese.   Also, try and eat at the same time each day, it helps the body get on a  rhythm.

Some Sort of To Do List and Stick To It

I’ve been writing a to do list for the past five years.   It’s nothing to brag about but I will say that it keeps me on track.   And the more you’re on track the quicker your day will go.   Just rifle through all the tasks as quickly and as accurately as you can and then the rest of your day is gravy.   You can reward yourself with some personal time or get ahead on the next day so you don’t have much to do.

Don’t Mix Personal and Work

While you’re rifling through your to do list you might be tempted to check a personal email or make a phone call.  Unless it’s on one of your short breaks then resist the temptation.   Trust me, you’ll feel much better finishing your work earlier in the day than having to play catch up at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

Start the Day Off Right

This one’s crucial.   Not everyone can start their days off right but you can at least try.   If you go into work in a shitty mood you’re more than likely to have a shitty day.  It’s that simple.   A good suggestion would be to formulate some sort of consistent morning routine that puts you in a good mental place.   Whether that’s meditating or having the same cup of coffee each day is up to you.   Find something that works.

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