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Dec 22 2011

5 NBA Games We’d Pay to See this Season

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Let’s face it, unless you’re willing to drop dime on NBA League Pass, there’s no way to catch the best teams in action each night. Even with ESPN hooking you up with primetimers, you still miss out.

With the season starting Sunday, and mega-games to sit on your ass and watch all day, we figured there’s a couple games we’d legit drive a couple hours to see, cancel a dinner rez, or even pass up sex for – well, maybe not the last one?

And for all those who think the NBA’s crap, just think of what you’d do if the lockout hadn’t ended?

Bulls at Lakers – Christmas Day

Remember the ’91 Finals? Yeah, this is just about the classic rematch 20 years later. You’ve got the Lakers – the perennial winners, and the Bulls – trying to get over that hump. Two MVP’s – Kobe and D-Rose. With the stage set for the opening game of the season, we’d like thank Santa (and David Stern) for the present this year.

Heat at Mavs – Christmas Day

After missing out on that little, “not five, not six, not seven…” talk last year, how can the Mavs add some insult to the injury they gave the Heat in last year’s Finals? How about dropping that banner on ‘em while collecting their rings. Will this game be overhyped? Since it’s opening night, absolutely. But there’s no better way to start the season than featuring the last two teams standing from the previous one?

Thunder at Clippers – January 30

After that CP3 trade, there’s not a sexier team to pick than the Clippers to make a major move in the Playoffs (even though they’ve been a total of seven times in their 41-year history). When you add in the fact the Thunder have three of the sickest young dudes in the league, this could be a perennial playoff matchup for the next five to ten. We’re buying the Kool-Aid.

Heat at Knicks – April 15

Damnit, we hate giving the Heat props and putting them on here twice, but the fact is, they’re loaded. In the most famous arena in sports – and two teams stacked – who knows who has the upper hand? The addition of Ty Chandler strengthens the Knicks, but only if D’Antoni actually teaches them to play some D this year… which is probably as likely as you ending up with Kate Upton. Could have playoff seeding on the line though, so stay tuned…

Cavs at Timberwolves – January 6

I guess we’re officially crazy. Why the hell do we have these two teams on here? (We’re still asking ourselves) But we’ll defend it by simply saying – Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, Derrick Williams, and K-Love. We’ll bet our left nut that neither one of these teams even comes close to contending this year, but admit that this is like a college All-Star game, showing-off the stars of the next decade. But for not, we just wonder who throws it in order to get more pong balls for later in the year?

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