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Dec 21 2011

Why I’m Staying in For New Year’s Eve This Time

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Here we go again.  Everyone is gearing up for New Year’s.   Why?  Why oh why are we getting so jazzed up about one day?   I get it.  I understand that it’s a New Year.  It’s a new chance for us to reflect on our lives and think about how we can better ourselves in the coming year.  Sure, fine.  Let’s do that!  I’m happy about that part.  We should all be reflecting every single year.

And I’m glad that it’s a day off for the work force.  Well, this year it’ll be a Monday but still, it’s cool.   But man oh man.  Just because it’s the first day of the New Year do we really have to make such a big deal out of it?   Hell I could pick any day of the year to be my new year.

So finally, I’ve decided that I’m staying in this New Year’s.   Here’s five reasons why…..

No Reason To Schlep To Manhattan Anymore

This one is more personal than anything else.   For the last 5 years in a row I’ve celebrated New Year’s Eve in New York City.   And last year was the first time I did it while not actually living in Manhattan.   But now that the folks I usually plan New Year’s with aren’t living in the city anymore (and they have a kid), what’s the point?  None.   Sometimes we all move on and that’s the way it is.    I’m not dragging ass into the city just for one night.

It’s Too Big a Deal and Shouldn’t Be

I touched on this in the opening.   I’m not a big fan of holidays that are excuses to do things.  If you don’t have enough self motivation to make change in your life then New Year’s ain’t gonna help.  I don’t need a holiday telling me I have to spend time with my wife, family, and friends.   And I sure as hell don’t need a holiday that makes things twice as expensive for no reason.  That goes for Valentine’s day as well.

Annoyingly Expensive

I’m pretty sure I’ve never spent less than 500 bucks on a New Year’s night out in the last 5 years.  And that’s just for a dinner and drinks.   I don’t get any gifts?  No piece of Jewelry?  Nope.  Just a meal I’d eat nearly any other day of year only I’m spending a boatload of money.   Ain’t happening anymore.

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