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Dec 20 2011

The 5 Most Popular Jewish Activities on Christmas

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Christmas is a great time of year and it doesn’t just apply to folks who actually celebrate Christmas.   In general there’s more of a “festive” mood in our society.   Holiday themes spring up everywhere.   Parades happen.  TV Specials are fun.   Sales are stores start to crop up.   Hell even the music in grocery stores have a bit of a jump to them.

But on that special day, when most Christian families are huddled around the tree opening presents, I along with many other of my Jewish brethren are doing our own thing.   So for all you Torah readers out there,  what is it that you do on Christmas?

From all my Christmas years, here are what I consider to be the five most popular Jewish activities on Christmas….

Eating Chinese Food

This has nothing to do with being stereotypical or racial or anything like that.  It has to do with the fact that 99% of the restaurants that are open on Christmas are Chinese Restaurants.   Also, since there’s really nothing better to do that day most Jewish families will make time to head out to their favorite Chinese Place.   It’s almost a rite of passage for us Jews.   But I will say this.  I loved it when Ralphie’s family went to the Chinese Restaurant at the end of A Christmas Story.

Going to the Movies

Along with Chinese food, this is the other most common activity a Jewish person will undertake on Christmas Day.  In fact the two usually go hand in hand.   Actually I just kind of feel bad for the people who work at the theaters.   Sucks they gotta be working that day but so it goes.

Gambling at the Casino

I’ve been doing this for the last 6 years.  It’s tradition to head out to Atlantic City and waste some money during Christmas.  It’s a great time to go and you’d be surprised.   There are more people going to casinos that day then you’d think.   You’ll never see more Asians and Jews in a casno than on Christmas and I don’t care how racist that sounds.

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